Highland Perthshire Enduro - May 4 2013

Well what can I say???
The Highland Perthshire Cycling Enduro was awesome!!
Well done to all who took part in what we hope will become a regular event in the booming enduro calender!!
Thanks also to Kat and her team for organising such a kick-ass day out!!!
The results are available here



ONLINE ENTRIES FOR THE HPC ENDURO ARE NOW CLOSED !!!   If you are wanting to enter this event please email spook@nofussevents.co.uk  with your team name and date of birth.We have 140 entries online and 200 timing chips ordered, entry will be on a first come first served basis.                                                                                                                                                                       This Enduro will be a fun and, at times, a challenging ride of approximately 49 km mostly off road, taking place around the Highland Perthshire village of Dunkeld.  The exact route will remain a secret until nearer the time and no practice will be allowed.  The route takes in some lung puffing uphills, technical downhills, fast fire road, great scenery and above all else the chance for a fun ride with your mates old and new.


The Highland Perthshire Enduro is xc style with enduro stages including a singletrack loop, a fun switchback descent, a challenging downhill section plus one more descent still tbc.

Total route is up to 49km including all the link and timed sections.  Think 'Tour de Ben Nevis’s little brother'

There is some fire road, estate tracks/4x4 tracks, singletrack and sections of DH tracks, enough to keep interest up the whole way round.

The dh tracks can be ridden on a hard tail, there are chicken runs and easy lines the whole way down.  However if you want to get a good time in, you gotta have a decent rig and some even better skills.

  • Roads - expect no more than 5km of linking sections spread out over the course.
    This route caters to a lot of abilities and styles of rider.
  • Timing – each special stage is timed and you will also get a overall finishing time.
  • The best bike for the job will be up to you but we recommend a mid length travel bike (i.e. 5-6 inches).


"There will be two sections of a more downhill nature one of which will be the lower half of the downhill track in Craigvinean Forest.  However don’t worry, I intend to tape and mark these more difficult sections to encourage participants to follow the easiest route down, it will of course still provide people with a challenge which will suit some participants more than others.  Other sections of the route will suit participants with good climbing stamina, others with an opportunity to ride some nice laidback singletrack.  Any areas of concern can also be walked and I would encourage people to ride within their ability.
With such a long and varied route it is difficult to assign an overall grade.  I guess I have partly based it on my own knowledge of the area and ability level, I would say I am an intermediate level rider and have no problem with Laggan Wolftrax red.  I myself would find the downhill section in Craigvinean challenging (with perhaps one foot off the pedal at times or maybe even walking a couple of parts depending on my mood) but not impossible.  I would be able to ride all other parts of the route with ease.
With a bit of luck we will manage down soon to pre-ride what is shaping up to be an iconic event!!!!"



There will be catering onsite at the start/end but you will need to be self sufficient for the length of the route, there will be no feed/water stations and any mechanical issues will have to be dealt with by yourself (and/or a willing friend).


Event Timetable


Event Start /Finish : Polney Sawmill, Dunkeld, PH8 0HU

Registration: 8am-9.15am

Start: 9.30am

Cut off time for start of Stage 1: 11.15am

Cut off time for start of Final Stage: 4.30pm

Prize giving: 5pm

Extra fun stuff: FREE Pump track and mechanic pit area.




Please remember to ride responsibly.

For accomadation and/or other thing to see and do in this area please visit here



Stage 1 – approx 4km xc style with a bit of climbing  at the start, great views of Schiehallion, followed by a fast rocky descent all the way to the Loch.
Stage 2 – dh style with a brand new, natural descent down from the phone mast, (great views from the top, take a few pics before you set off), a few berms to get you down the steep hillside through the felled forest, then dropping into the trees again and an old loose slate quarry takes you down to the roadside. Expect a challenge.
Stage 3 – approx 2.5km xc style mellow but fast descent through open hillside then diving into the trees.
Stage 4 – dh style down the well loved Criagvinean dh tracks, the route will go from the top fire road down (the top section is definitely too hard core!) following the easier lines to the bottom fire road for a well deserved pat on the back.

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

Junior Entry (14-18)


1) Perth City Cycles  -  Jamie Carchrie
2) Full Tilt Ahead  -  Finn Cowell
3) Progression Bikes  -  Ben  Miller
4) Skidmarks Racing  -  Lewis Donaghy
5) Tay titans/Perth City Cycles  -  Douglas Carchrie

Senior Entry (19-29)


6) Flotec Suspension/Elevation Cycles  -  Taj Hendry
7) Moscow London Berlin  -  James Wolstencroft
8) Goober Racing  -  David Hodgson
9) The Spirit of Shedlovers United!  -  David Thomson
10) Perth United  -  Stephen Christie
11) Local Defender  -  Douglas Brown
12) The lone hairy biker  -  Richard Mackay
13) gobots  -  brian thomson
14)    -  Alastair Parkin
15) -  -  Neil Stewart
16) Santa Cruz / Siempre Bicycle Cafe  -  Robert Friel
17)    -  Gordon Pettigrew
18) Cycle Law Scotland  -  Thomas Mitchell
19) Innerleithen MTB Racing  -  Douglas Shearer
20) intensecyclesenduro  -  Michael McLuskey
21) -  -  Ross Anderson
22) Pro Ride Guides  -  Mark Scott
23) Stockmans TCJ  -  Chris Hutchens
24) Ibis Cycles UK  -  Lewis Kirkwood
25) Pedal Chris  -  Chris McCarthy
26) Team Tripod  -  Steven Shanks
27)    -  Calum Macintyre
28) Summitdown/Team CHR  -  James Knowles
29) All Terrain Cycles  -  Ben Whitehead
30) Bob  -  Bob  Hyde

Master Entry (30-39)


31) Goober Racing  -  David Smith
32) Team Gecko  -  Robin Silander
33) Mountain Maniacs  -  Steve Gentle
34) Enduro Magazine  -  Trevor  Worsey
35) Team ride it  -  Craig  Mclean
36) team ride it  -  Dave Malloch
37) Burro Unit  -  Andy Lombardini
38) velo moulin  -  greig walker
39) Team Waffer Thin Mint  -  Graeme Simpson
40) Lone Muppeteer  -  Euain Drysdale
41) Burro Unit  -  Kenny Alexander
42) Fifeing Eejit  -  Niall Wallace
43) Muckmedden  -  Aaron Gray
44) JMR  -  Jim Lyons
45) Me myself and I  -  Jo Curtis
46) mellow-yellow  -  joe morgan
47) Steam Team  -  Finlay Thom
48) Cod Fillets Racing  -  Charlie Barrow
49) gobots  -  paul mcgill
50) Team Zesty  -  Neil Reid
51) Team Leslie Bike Shop   -  Paul  newnham
52) How Many Elephants?  -  Richard Methven
53) Team whisp  -  Neil Forrest
54) Tinto hill runners  -  Colin MacDougall
55) Comrie Croft Bikes  -  Colin Mcphail
56) the dubbers  -  Colin Spence
57) ABZ MTB  -  Paul  Clark
58) Team McSkippy  -  Douglas McDill
59) 3ft Vert  -  Gary McIntyre
60) ABZ MTB  -  Stuart Villis
61) Flange Racing  -  Andy Jamieson
62) Flange Racing  -  Duncan Jamieson
63)    -  Paul Thomas
64) -  -  Hamish Whyte
65) West Cost MTB  -  Raymond Williams
66) Not alone this time?  -  Craig Hogg
67) Duff Riders  -  Al Millar
68) I've Grilled More Birds Than George Foreman!!  -  Stewart McKinven
69) ABZ MTB  -  Duncan McGowan
70) team Gecko  -  andrew watson
71) ABZ MTB   -  Chris  Mutch
72) westside  -  daz westwood
73) MTB Trail  -  Paul Trail
74) Tefal Moenchengladbach  -  Graeme McLean
76) Haribo Starmix  -  James Glencross
77) ABZ MTB  -  david ogden
78) Tanuki  -  Bob MacGregor

Veteren Entry (40+)


79) Old Troll  -  Lee Dove
80) The Birls.  -  Roddy Weir
81) Cherrybank pub quiz team  -  Neil Whittet
82) Adrenalin Junkies  -  Andrew Pitchforth
83) Adrenalin Junkies  -  Richard Murray
84) Finn Boys  -  Chris Farrell
85) Big H  -  Hendry McNicol
86) Team ride it   -  Team ride it Callum MacDonald
87) All by myself  -  Alan Boyle
88) team ride it  -  neville stratton
89) Team Ride It  -  John McNeill
90) Lanternes Rouges  -  James Robb
91) ave only got 4 inches  -  paul murray
92) Billy Nae Mates  -  Bill  Turner
93) Haglofs Scotland  -  Gus  Sandeman
94) Rockdoc slow  -  Edward Homson
95) omg lol  -  steve mackenzie
96) I CYCLES  -  Martin  Hodgson
97) the phoenix group  -  david dytch
98) hans solo  -  john  florence
99) Musselburgh RCC  -  Ant Mayer
100) How Many Elephants?  -  Ally (Papa) Blyth
101) How Many Elephants?  -  Martin Joss
102) the dubbers  -  Dean Irving
103) The Insomniac  -  Simon Brooke
104) Eco Shredder  -  Graeme  Ross
105) Balno biker  -  Alistair Shaw
106) Blobbithobbit  -  alex thomson
107) on the edge  -  Johnny Vincent
108) Biddulph old gits  -  Andy Perry
109) summitDOWN  -  David Donnan
110) RNRMCA  -  Jon Foden
111) Big Dave  -  David Harcourt
112) The Banana Splits  -  Mike Hodgson
113) Getting too old for what?  -  Jas Young
114) SJH - 1  -  SIMON HALL
115) Much Fuss  -  Keith Hardy
116) Excuso  -  Dave  Ashcroft
117) Lethendy  -  Wendy Simpson
118) Team Smilesbetter   -  Kyle Martin
119) Gordie61  -  Callum Gordon
120) cobbie 82  -  Jake Cockburn
121) YoK  -  Klaus Schlesiger
122) Duke Nukem   -  Kenneth Coutts
123) Coull neep  -  Barry  Coull
124) Flash Gordon  -  Gordon Chalmers
125) Bozzoot Racing  -  Simon Harrison
126) All Downhill  -  Derek Corbett
127) Flying fox bikes  -  barry mccormack
128) Peebles Cycling Club  -  David Winton
129) JWeir  -  John Weir
130) FanylionsAuldYin  -  John Henry
131) squadra porcini  -  iain nimmo


132) Lethendy  -  Ian Simpson

Women Entry


133) SummitDOWN  -  Catherine Smith
134) Velo Club Moulin  -  jac marquis
135)    -  Rachel Chandler
136) Tinto hill runners  -  Julia Connor
137) Progression Bikes  -  Alison Annison
138) No team just individual  -  Lorna MacGregor
139) ABZ MTB  -  Harriet Eames
140) EdinburghRC  -  Alison Chisholm
141) Mountain Maniacs  -  Emma Gentle
142) Team Pivot Morvelo  -  Katy Winton
143) West Highland Wheelers  -  Roslynn Newman


144) Progression Bikes  -  Julia MacLean




• Read these rules and attend the race briefing
• Start each stage on the instruction of the timing official
• Behave in a safe and responsible manner when racing
• Stop and help an injured rider, you are considered a travelling marshal


• No course practice
• Riders must make their way unassisted to each special stage.
• There are prizes for the top 3 riders in each category.


• Junior 14 -18
• Senior 19 -29
• Master 30 -39
• Veteran 40+
• Women
* Riders must be at least 16 years old.


• There will be a briefing from the race director in the departure area 15 minutes before the start of the event.
• On registering, you agree to the rules of the event.
• Registration is on the morning of the event only.  Times to be announced.
• You can race the stages in any rider order.
• In the interest of safety there is a cut off time, you will be advised of this in your competitor notes when you enter.
• Entries are non refundable. If you are unable to compete for medical reasons we will refund you on receipt of a doctor’s note.
• Entries fees are £40.


• You cannot change your bike for individual special stages. You must use the same bike for the whole event.
• Bikes will be scrutinised before departing to ride the course.
• In the case of mechanical failure, parts such as wheels, tires, saddles, forks etc can be changed if needs be but extra time is not provided for this.
• All bikes must have bar plugs.
• Bikes must be in perfect working order.
• Competitors may not modify race number plates.
• The race director has the right to deny entry to the event they feel a bike is not of a suitable standard.


• You must wear a helmet (open xc type OR full face dh type) at all times, including transition sections.
• Competitors found not wearing a helmet shall be disqualified immediately.
• Gloves, knee and elbow protection are recommended but not compulsory.
• Each competitor should be completely self-sufficient.


• Mobile phone
• Basic first aid kit (Minimum: 1 x Dressing Pad for heavy bleeding (field dressing); bandage, plasters, wipes.)
• Survival bag or foil blanket
• Energy food and drink
• Waterproof Clothing
• Bike repair kit (tube, pump or CO2 canisters, allen keys, chain tool)
• It is advised that you use a small rucksack or suitable bag to carry above items. You may also secure items to your bike.


• Details of the course will not be made known before the event.
• This event is not a cross country or downhill competition. It takes place on a circuit marked with a number of special stages.
• There are several special stages with link stages in between.
• Link stages are not timed and do not count for the overall standing.
• Special stages close at a specified time, to ensure the event finishes on time.  Riders will be notified at registration on the morning of the event.
• Marshals will start and finish you on the stages. Start times are not set.
• Riders must complete the special stages in ascending order, Stage 1 followed by Stage 2 etc.
• The special stages are designed to suit a mid travel trail bike, not specific xc or dh bikes.
• The course will be taped as wide as possible to allow overtaking and line choice.
• The course will be marked in sections and on corners with double tape. When there are 2 sides of tape opposite each other you must ride within the tape. Between these sections/corners the course will be marked by flags/ties and are only there as a guideline.
• If a competitor exits the special stage course, they must re-enter the same point and restore the tape as they found it.
• If a rider is spotted cutting a taped section by a marshal they will be disqualified.
• If three or more riders report another rider cutting a taped section, an investigation shall be conducted. The penalty is disqualification.
• The route may have narrow sections and exposed rocks, steep climbs and technical descents and is not suitable for untrained or beginner riders.


• Timing will be conducted by No Fuss officials.
• The event will run throughout the day, and start times will be published once the location and course has been confirmed.
• In the interest of safety there is a cut off time, you will be advised of this in you competitor notes when you enter.
• Riders will be started by a timing official. Another timing official at the end of the trail will record the time.
• There will be minimum 30 second time intervals between riders starting a special stage or more depending on the nature of the track.
• If a faster rider is behind you on a special stage, be polite and allow them to pass. If you are the faster rider be patient, give lots of warning and clear directions as to what side you will pass. For example: shout left, if you intend to pass on the left hand side of the rider in front.
• If you are obstructed by another rider or stop to help an injured rider you may repeat the stage. You must first check out of the stage, then cycle/walk back up the hill without assistance in this case.
• If, while passing a slower rider, you cause them to crash or run off the course, you may be penalised.
• You may NOT repeat the stage if you suffer a mechanical failure on course.
• Riders who retire must return to the car park as soon as possible following the instructions of race marshals. They must also remove their number plate from the bike or cross it with an X.
• The ranking of each competitor is the sum of the special stage times.


• It is the duty of each competitor to assist any competitor who appears to be injured or in difficulty and possibly to alert the race director.
• The race director reserves the right to penalise or disqualify competitors that do not meet this standard.
• Competitors who withdraw from the event must notify the race office as soon as possible.
• Competitors must adhere to the rules of the event and the rules of the road, particularly during sections on public roads.


This event takes place in one of the most scenic areas of Scotland and Dunkeld & Birnam villages will hopefully provide you with everything and more that you will need for your stay.


If we can assist please do not hesitate to contact us.