Online entries for 2010 are now closed you may still enter the event by coming to registration on Friday 9th July between 5pm and 10pm.

Galloway Forest Park is the venue for the second of the Three Tens events, this venue tucked away in the South West of Scotland, famous for its fast flowing singletrack and superb mountain bike trails proved its reputation in the first event in 2007. In 2009 the course was even better as No Fuss had been working with Forestry Commission to build some new natural sections of trail.

Participants can compete as a solo or in relay teams of two, three or four. The race is an endurance format with teams and individuals competing to see who can complete the most laps in the 10 hours. 

 Its real family day out there will be entertainment and music for all, race registration and pre race party commence on the Friday evening, with race scheduled to start at 0930 on Saturday and après race party going on late into Saturday Night for those who have the energy.

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What is it all about?

The events are ten-hour endurance events, however that does not mean that every participant has to ride for a full ten hours. The expectation is that the majority of riders will be in teams and ride in a relay that is only one rider on the course at any time). Whilst not riding, the team, as well as preparing for the next ride and trying to relax can expect to be entertained with music and acts throughout the event.

The courses are all different however all have a good mixture of forestry roads and single track; look out for some new additions in Fort William, at Kirroughtree be prepared to be wowed by the flowing single track and some interesting natural sections, in Moray you can expect some surprises and some superb mountain bike terrain.

Come and join us for a weekend of Endurance Mountain biking some of the best venues that this country has to offer. Enjoy the event with friends and family as well as the other competitors and have fun at these friendly events. The course will be about 10 miles in length and will be 100% rideable. Each of the venues will offer a limited amount of camping (which we will take bookings for from the 1st of April, first come first served), Each venue will have some shower facilities and refreshments as well as entertainment throughout the race and the Saturday evening. State of the Art Computerized timing and lap recording. Progress- board updates throughout the events. Random prizes all day.


For 2009 all entries will be online, please take time to fill in form accurately as Frazer starts to get grumpy if he has to keep making changes.

Competitor Groupings


Sen M Male below 40
F Female below 40
Vet M Male 40+
F Female 40+
SVet M Male 50+
F Female 50+


Sen M 2 Male Cumulative below 80
F 2 Female Cumulative below 80
Mix 1 male 1 female Cumulative below 80
Vet M 2 Male Cumulative 80+
F 2 Female Cumulative 80+
Mix 1 male 1 female Cumulative 80+
SVet M 2 Male Cumulative 100+
F 2 Female Cumulative 100+
Mix 1 male 1 female Cumulative 100+


Sen M 3 Male Cumulative below 120
F 3 Female Cumulative below 120
Mix Cumulative below 120+
Vet M 3 Male Cumulative 120+
F 3 Female Cumulative 120+
Mix Cumulative 120+
SVet M 3 Male Cumulative 150+
F 3 Female Cumulative 150+
Mix Cumulative 150+


Sen M 4 Male Cumulative below 160
F 4 Female Cumulative below 160
Mix Cumulative below 160
Vet M 4 Male Cumulative 160+
F 4 Female Cumulative 160+
Mix Cumulative 160+
SVet M 4 Male Cumulative 200+
F 4 Female Cumulative 200+
Mix Cumulative 200+

Juniors Must be in teams of 2 or more. Minimum age is 15 years on the day of the event.

NB Teams and individuals are encouraged to have a support crew, this is not mandatory but is highly recommended.


Event specific schedules shall appear on the websites in the future,

Registration 1800 to 2100
Pre Race Meal 1900 -2100

Registration 0600 to 0900
Team captains meeting 0830 (Mandatory)
Race Start 0930
Last lap commence before 1930

Timing closed 2030
Prizes and Party 2100 till as long as legs last 12ish

0700 onwards Breakfast and pack up

Rules and Regulations

It is important that you and your teammates and support crew read these very carefully.

Each lap is approximately 10 miles, under 1 hour for the fastest riders, nearly 2 hours for those who are new to the sport or are just that wee bit mope careful. The courses will consist of a bit of everything, including wide single track, narrow single track with rocks, roots, mud, fast flowing single track, low gear uphill’s, water crossings, technical ascents and descents, plus fire roads. The event is for solo riders and teams and is in a relay format.


1 Mandatory pr-event meeting at 0830 on Saturday for all team captains/team Leaders, although all riders and crew are encouraged to attend. Teams must designate a captain team leader (this will be understood to be No 1 on entry form) to handle all official matters including pre event meeting, picking up registration packs, making sure all teammates have correct numbers and have completed any paperwork etc.

2 each team and solo rider will bear reasonability for their timing. In order for laps to count riders must pass through the transition area and use the dibbers correctly every time a lap is completed.

3 Waiting riders should always check in with transition officials prior to starting their lap. Please adhere to the NO RIDE RULES in transition areas. Riders should only use solo riders area if they are in that class.

4 If a team member wishes to do two laps in a row it essential that they still dibb when passing through transition.

5 each team member and solo rider must complete a minimum of one lap. Teams will be penalized a lap for each lap not completed by each member except in the case of injury which must be reported to race official who will make final decision.

6 If a team member cannot complete his or her lap, the team has the option of starting the lap over with a new rider. They will however, lose the distance and time of the uncompleted lap. The replacement rider must check in with timing official prior to starting the lap.

7 For obvious safety reasons there is no reverse riding on the course.

8 Teammates may cannibalize each others bikes or swap if necessary. Riders may accept mechanical support on the course by any other registered rider, transition and camp areas is the only area where assistance from support crews is acceptable.

9 Riders may accept food and water from anyone on the course.

10 We strongly suggest that each team and solo rider have a support crew of at least 1 or 2 persons who are not taking part to assist with various jobs such as orginsing transitions, cooking and assisting with mechanical problems.

11 Bike wash areas will be available at each event. Toilets will be available. Please use the toilets provided.

12 If you are planning camping please pay attention to the website. Proof of booking will be required. Caravans and campers will also be limited.

13 You will need all your own camping supplies. A variety of food (hot and cold meals, soup and snacks) will be available for purchase at the transition area. Friday Saturday and Sunday. Check website for event specific updates.

14 riders may require lights, which must be at least 4 watts and be secured to bikes or helmet. NO FUSS will have final say when lights should be used.

15 If lighting is required it will be against the rules for riders to ride with their lights out to save batteries. Riders violating this rule will have their current lap nullified.

16 Only riders officially entered in the event or designated as “Official Course Marshals” may ride the designated course.

17 Wearing a buckled helmet is mandatory anytime you are on your bike in the race area ( not just when it is your lap)

18 All team captains must attend pre race meeting at 0830 on the Saturday

19 Ignorance Of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse.

20 Foul riding will not be tolerated, unsportsmanlike behavior is totally un-acceptable this includes the use of profane or abusive language, this rule is taken very seriously by NO Fuss and anyone who violates this rule shall be disqualified from this and any future NO Fuss events.

21 Shortcutting the course can be grounds for automatic disqualification of the solo rider or the entire team. If a rider makes a mistake and they report to officials before it is discovered, a time adjustment will be applied rather than a DQ.

22 Riders who are riding their bikes have the right of way over those who are pushing their bikes. Where practicable riders pushing should stay on the least rideable portion of the path when being passed. Riders are encouraged to call pleasantly “passing on the right or left” as appropriate.

23 All protests must be made by a team captain to a NO Fuss Official ( Frazer, Spook or Martin) Protests can be made throughout the event and up to 15 mins after the final results are posted. It would be appreciated if any protests could be made respectfully to the officials. No Fuss officials say is final in all protests.

24 Safety on the course is our primary concern. If you come across an injured or a potentially unsafe situation, you are encouraged to stop and assist. If you stop to give assistance for a health and safety related reason, you should report your number to a passing number who will turn it in to the transition official so that your teams next rider may commence their lap. You must then complete your lap and report to the transition official and report the nature of the assistance you provided and an approximate duration of your stop. You will be assigned a lap time in accordance with your or your teams average times which ever is the faster. NB Time adjustments are made by a No Fuss official and are final. NOTE This rule applies to ONLY heath and safety concerns and not mechanical failure.

25 The NO FUSS OFFICIALS ( FRAZER, SPOOK and CHLOE) will be given the final decision regarding any occurrence at the event including those not addressed in the rules



Here is the course map for 2010.


Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

solo race entry

1)  GB   Hervélo  -  Sandra Scally
2)  GB   Frikfrak  -  Naomi Freireich
3)  GB   The Mad Doctor (Walkers CC)  -  Fiona Walker
4)  GB   LM @ Walkers CC  -  Laura McFarlane
5)  GB   Manx Mountain Bike CLub  -  Guy Whaley
6)  GB   Manx Mountain Bike Club  -  Chris Watson
7)  GB   Macclesfield Wheelers  -  Ben Trotter
8)  GB   Manx Mountain Bike Club  -  Phil Mackie
9)  GB   Just One More Lap To Go  -  Graham Clark
10)  GB   34/2kids&still riding.  -  Joe Mcghee
11)  GB   Descent Gent  -  Hugh Dennis
12)  GB   Cheeky Dior XT  -  Craig Forrester
13)  GB   going it alone  -  brendan atkinson
14)  GB   vc moulin  -  jon meredith
15)  GB   what was i thinking?  -  Steve Mackenzie
16)  GB   n/a  -  Michael Donnelly
17)  GB   i-cycles  -  Duncan Nisbet
18)  GB   robert cockbain  -  robert cockbain
19)  GB   Miggs no mates  -  gavin lindsay
20)  GB   RDJ  -  Russell Jones
21)  GB   Pentland Pedallers  -  Steven Menmuir
22)  GB   Probable  -  Nigel Morris
23)  GB   N/A  -  Adam Cooke
24)  GB   Probable  -  Nigel Morris
25)  GB   Glutton for Punishment  -  Scott Smith
26)  GB   N/A  -  Paul Downton
27)  GB   Fuelled by Clif  -  Cheryl Frost
28)  GB   sunny govan cc  -  jamie wilson
29)  GB   DDF  -  david fraser
30)  GB   MrGrumpy  -  Paul Keevil
31)  GB   Walkers Cycling Club  -  Davie Robb
32)  GB   Infinity Cycles  -  John Buchan
33)  GB   Auld Skool  -  Stephen King
35)  GB   Richard Whiteleys' Final Countdown  -  Stewart McKinven
36)  GB   Chris Hoys' a mincer! I'll ave him!  -  Stewart McKinven
37)  GB   RNRMCA  -  Jonathan Foden
38)  GB   JimmiJ  -  Jimmi James
39)  GB   JimmiJ  -  Jimmi James
40)  GB   All Alone  -  Chris McClements
41)  GB   DCC DUNRACIN'  -  jim collins
42)  GB   DCC DUNRACIN'  -  paul  simon
43)  GB   Ostles  -  Richie Scott
44)  GB   Walkers cc  -  John Gemmell
45)  GB   Jamie Cox  -  Jamie Cox
46)  GB   Broony  -  Ian Brown
47)  GB   Perthunited  -  Toby Green
48)  GB   Perth united  -  Toby Green
49)  GB   VeloMacRetro  -  Stephen Smith
50)  GB   Eins Ecurie MacRetro  -  Klaus Schlesiger
51)  GB   Perth United CC  -  Trevor Bechtel
52)  GB   Rob Rosewarne  -  Rob Rosewarne
53)  GB   LapDog  -  Nick Hughes
54)  GB   Andy Wilmshurst  -  Andy Wilmshurst
55)  GB   Dunracin'  -  Stuart Campbell
56)  GB   billy no mates  -  mark breeze
57)  GB   10 laps or bust  -  Darren Gee
58)  GB   Newry Wheelers  -  Andy Ruck
59)  GB   Perth City Cycles  -  John McLaggan
60)  GB   Dunracin'  -  Jim McDade
61)  GB   Ian Millar  -  Ian Millar
62)  GB   onelife  -  james johnston
63)  GB   Walkers Cycling  -  Steve Flindall
64)  GB   Biscuit Power  -  Daniel Anderson
65)  GB   Grey Area  -  Ross Pollock
66)  GB   The Jeremy Kyle Appreciation Society  -  Andrew Tuft
67)  GB   Army Cycle Union  -  Jon  marshall
68)  GB   Mountainbiking Association of Dublin  -  Morgan O Connell
69)  GB   MADMTB  -  Cormac Ahern
70)  GB   StuffyPuffer  -  Stephen Smith
71)  GB   MAD MTB  -  Paddy Butler
72)  GB   Stuffy Puffer  -  Stephen Smith
73)  GB   StuffyPuffer  -  Stephen Smith
74)  GB   Team Goat  -  Russell Stout
75)  GB   MADMTB  -  Philip McDonagh
76)  GB   Gavbot  -  Gavin O Gorman
77)  GB   Arragons Cycles  -  Simon Bullock
78)  GB   Bionicon UK / Walkers Cycling Club  -  Steve l
79)  GB   simon fisher  -  simon fisher
80)  GB   the candy man  -  john florence
81)  GB   Keith Adams  -  Keith Adams

pair race entry

82)  GB   rach and Em  -  Rachel Martin
83)  GB   rach and Em  -  Emma Eaton
84)  GB   Karen & Sally  -  KAREN KNOWLES
85)  GB   Karen & Sally  -  SALLY BUCKWORTH
86)  GB   Gallant Galloway Gals / Stepping Stanes  -  Toni Macartney
87)  GB   Gallant Galloway Gals / Stepping Stanes  -  Linda Herd
88)  GB   Bringing up the rear  -  Carl Draper
89)  GB   Bringing up the rear  -  Mark  Bolton
90)  GB   Manx Mountain Bike Club  -  Steve Ormerod
91)  GB   Manx Mountain Bike Club  -  Adrian Ormerod
92)  GB   Team Phenomenal  -  Dougie Brown
93)  GB   Team Phenomenal  -  Lawrence  Webster
94)  GB   Old Trolls  -  Lee Dove
95)  GB   Old Trolls  -  Roland Lytton
96)  GB   Tatty Fritters  -  Brian Baird
97)  GB   Tatty Fritters  -  Colin Hossack
98)  GB   All the gears no ideas  -  Ian Maltby
99)  GB   All the gears no ideas  -  Karl Tiffany
100)  GB   Leisure Lakes  -  Dave Bentley
101)  GB   Leisure Lakes  -  Stephen Leigh
102)  GB   Hawaii Four-0  -  Iain  Mackay
103)  GB   Hawaii Four-0  -  David Campbell
104)  GB   Team  -  Paul Davies
105)  GB   Team  -  Stephen Hall
106)  GB   A lap and a nap  -  Mark Hislop
107)  GB   A lap and a nap  -  Chris Kirk
108)  GB   Dastardly & Muttley  -  Richard Scott
109)  GB   Dastardly & Muttley  -  Alex Wilson
110)  GB   Ant and I  -  Andrew Jackson
111)  GB   Ant and I  -  Anthony Lees
112)  GB   Camelbac and Crack  -  Bob Johnson
113)  GB   Camelbac and Crack  -  Mike Hart
114)  GB   Camelbac and Crack  -  Ben Freeman
115)  GB   teambull  -  james turnbull
116)  GB   teambull  -  kevin turnbull
117)  GB   Team name needs work...SEE ME!  -  Neil Hodgins
118)  GB   Team name needs work...SEE ME!  -  Simon Good
119)  GB   Team PowerThirst  -  Kit Carruthers
120)  GB   Team PowerThirst  -  James Hatfield
121)  GB   Team PowerThirst  -  Kit Carruthers
122)  GB   Team PowerThirst  -  James Hatfield
123)  GB   Pinheedsfromzim  -  Dieter Booth
124)  GB   Pinheedsfromzim  -  Dominic Booth
125)  GB   Thumbs up  -  Nicol Sinclair
126)  GB   Thumbs up  -  Duncan Sinclair
127)  GB   Flying Hellfish  -  Graham Thomson
128)  GB   Flying Hellfish  -  Gordon Thomson
129)  GB   NPC Knik  -  Callum McLean
130)  GB   NPC Knik  -  Toby Gilbert
131)  GB   Bigtop Hitchhikers  -  Shaun Haigh
132)  GB   Bigtop Hitchhikers  -  Alex  Hammersley
133)  GB   Twa Auld Spokes  -  Andy Fairgrieve
134)  GB   Twa Auld Spokes  -  John Goldsworthy
135)  GB   R we there yet?  -  Nick Pritchard
136)  GB   R we there yet?  -  Chris Pritchard
137)  GB   R we there yet?  -  David Pritchard
138)  GB   who needs hair?  -  Christopher Goodwin
139)  GB   who needs hair?  -  Crispin Towner
140)  GB   North South Alliance  -  Mark Chamberlain
141)  GB   North South Alliance  -  Giuliano Broccato
142)  GB   Raw Hide  -  Peter Martin
143)  GB   Raw Hide  -  greig MacFarlane
144)  GB   Team Special Bru  -  Douglas  Watson
145)  GB   Team Special Bru  -  Iain Stevenson
146)  GB   Single Track Minds  -  Gary Drummond
147)  GB   Single Track Minds  -  Steve  Cardwell
148)  GB   Wheelie need a brake!  -  Ross Lorimer
149)  GB   Wheelie need a brake!  -  Craig Smith
150)  GB   Uplift Scotland  -  will  voce
151)  GB   Uplift Scotland  -  andrew young
152)  GB   Billy Suggers.  -  Ron Lumgair
153)  GB   Billy Suggers.  -  Peter Wood
154)  GB   FUNKMASTER DELUXE  -  Andy Douglas
155)  GB   FUNKMASTER DELUXE  -  Pete Crawforth
156)  GB   Fleming's Steak and Gravy  -  David Treger
157)  GB   Fleming's Steak and Gravy  -  Glen  Littlejohn
158)  GB   Tatts  -  Gerard Tattersfield
159)  GB   Tatts  -  Ben Tattersfield
160)  GB   Beagy's Spandex Enormities   -  John  McCormack
161)  GB   Beagy's Spandex Enormities   -  Craig Lapsley
162)  GB   get tae Falkirk  -  adam  crow
163)  GB   get tae Falkirk  -  michael  nimmo
164)  GB   Velo29 Cycling Team  -  Michael Coward
165)  GB   Velo29 Cycling Team  -  Jason Hynd
166)  GB   Straight up the Chuffer  -  Scott Matthews
167)  GB   Straight up the Chuffer  -  Jonny Simons
168)  GB   Utrinque Paratus  -  Colin Charlton
169)  GB   Utrinque Paratus  -  Dave Banks
170)  GB   Keswick Bikes - Merida  -  Andrew Wrigley
171)  GB   Keswick Bikes - Merida  -  Phil  Davies
172)  GB   Peebles for Pleasure  -  David Winton
173)  GB   Peebles for Pleasure  -  Richard Semple
174)  GB   Peebles for Pleasure  -  David Winton
175)  GB   Peebles for Pleasure  -  Richard Semple
176)  GB   Malt Loaf Racing  -  Nick Richards
177)  GB   Malt Loaf Racing  -  Simon Walford
180)  GB   Alvin and the Giraffe  -  Gregor Cranston
181)  GB   Alvin and the Giraffe  -  Steve Irvine
182)  GB   The Hardrock Hoodlums  -  Neil(NitroNom) Glendinning
183)  GB   The Hardrock Hoodlums  -  Richard(BlackJackJon) Mclachlan
184)  GB   Age b4 beauty  -  Roddy Wells
185)  GB   Age b4 beauty  -  Ruaraidh Wells
186)  GB   ngNINE  -  Gary Joynes
187)  GB   ngNINE  -  Darren Joynes
188)  GB   II FBs  -  Neil Shand
189)  GB   II FBs  -  Ian Diack
190)  GB   Pair of Moobs Racing Team  -  Sean  Fallon
191)  GB   Pair of Moobs Racing Team  -  Crispin Walsh
192)  GB   The Celt and a Sassenach  -  David Belding
193)  GB   The Celt and a Sassenach  -  Martin Kuhn
194)  GB   Stockport Clarion / Shredtopia  -  Paul Whittaker
195)  GB   Stockport Clarion / Shredtopia  -  Alan Motyer Lowdes
196)  GB   we hate pete  -  chris williams
197)  GB   we hate pete  -  paul brownson
198)  GB   kuku na muniu  -  Radoslaw Rachwal
199)  GB   kuku na muniu  -  Aaron Zaczek
200)  GB   Nimbus Argentum  -  Callum Cranston
201)  GB   Nimbus Argentum  -  Jimmy Thomson
202)  GB   The Deeside Shambles  -  Ian Wilson
203)  GB   The Deeside Shambles  -  Mark Tandy
204)  GB   The Arran Syndicate  -  Douglas I'Anson
205)  GB   The Arran Syndicate  -  Douglas I'Anson
206)  GB   Twa Fat Laddies  -  Gary Smith
207)  GB   Twa Fat Laddies  -  Willie Napier
208)  GB   hallion battalion strikes again (ayr roads)   -  Marcus Shields
209)  GB   hallion battalion strikes again (ayr roads)   -  Gareth Blair
210)  GB   cheap dime store hoods  -  Eddie Carlin
211)  GB   cheap dime store hoods  -  Grant Quigg
212)  GB   TEN Racing - Smite Edition  -  Peter Robson
213)  GB   TEN Racing - Smite Edition  -  Matthew Jones
214)  GB   Blame it on the brown beer  -  Chris Gell
215)  GB   Blame it on the brown beer  -  Dan Bond
216)  GB   Daddys Day Off  -  Robin Smith
217)  GB   Daddys Day Off  -  Ivar Rush
218)  GB   Guinness Farts  -  Jason Surman-Wells
219)  GB   Guinness Farts  -  Sarah Wood
220)  GB   112 YEARS YOUNG....  -  Alan Jackson
221)  GB   112 YEARS YOUNG....  -  Sarah Bridge
222)  GB   Team KnK  -  Kenny Wallace
223)  GB   Team KnK  -  Kate Stannard
224)  GB   Two Tyred Taylors  -  Heather Taylor
225)  GB   Two Tyred Taylors  -  Colin Taylor
226)  GB   Dulnain Bridge Garage  -  Duncan Clark
227)  GB   Dulnain Bridge Garage  -  Katrina  Jennings
228)  GB   Rosey Apples  -  Simon Watkinson
229)  GB   Rosey Apples  -  Julie Watkinson
230)  GB   Crash & Burn  -  Bill Roberts
231)  GB   Crash & Burn  -  Dot Roberts
232)  GB   midge Munchers  -  Carolyn Speirs
233)  GB   midge Munchers  -  Mick Speirs
234)  GB   The Dogs Danglies  -  Julie Taylor
235)  GB   The Dogs Danglies  -  Bosco Flood
236)  GB   Super Sloths  -  Tom Fendick
237)  GB   Super Sloths  -  Alex Dove
238)  GB   A Pair of Giggleberries  -  Simon Hall
239)  GB   A Pair of Giggleberries  -  Lindsay Galloway
240)  GB   MAD MTB  -  Agata Tamulewicz
241)  GB   MAD MTB  -  Sean  Downey
242)  GB   The Dogs Danglies  -  Julie Taylor
243)  GB   The Dogs Danglies  -  Bosco Flood
244)  GB   Bicycle Petals  -  Chris Howe
245)  GB   Bicycle Petals  -  Jane Sargent
246)  GB   Super G and the Mrs  -  Gareth Barnes
247)  GB   Super G and the Mrs  -  Alexis Barnes
248)  GB   Our mammy says we're special  -  Martin Lynch
249)  GB   Our mammy says we're special  -  Claire Breslin

trio race entry

250)  GB   Tres Conyos  -  Liz Johnson
251)  GB   Tres Conyos  -  Nats Shering
252)  GB   Tres Conyos  -  Nics Johnson
253)  GB   NPC Maestro  -  Nancy McLean
254)  GB   NPC Maestro  -  Liz Rylott
255)  GB   NPC Maestro  -  Louise Fraser
256)  GB   Kiwi and Scotch on the Rocks  -  Yvonne McWhirr
257)  GB   Kiwi and Scotch on the Rocks  -  Rachael  Warrington
258)  GB   Kiwi and Scotch on the Rocks  -  Debbie McWhirr
259)  GB   Two Jerks and a Squirt  -  Richard Frickleton
260)  GB   Two Jerks and a Squirt  -  Gareth Adamson
261)  GB   Two Jerks and a Squirt  -  Martin Rutherford
262)  GB   SFR  -  Chris McAuley
263)  GB   SFR  -  Ian Simpson
264)  GB   SFR  -  Allan  bruce
265)  GB   gruppo-sportif*bert-prologue*  -  paul  keavney
266)  GB   gruppo-sportif*bert-prologue*  -  michael milen
267)  GB   gruppo-sportif*bert-prologue*  -  Greg Atkinson
268)  GB   NPC Levanto  -  Andy Precious
269)  GB   NPC Levanto  -  Jon Thompson
270)  GB   NPC Levanto  -  Richard Walls
271)  GB   NPC Mistral  -  Gavin Germaine
272)  GB   NPC Mistral  -  Phil Martin
273)  GB   NPC Mistral  -  Derek Powell
274)  GB   Aquila  -  Mike Gill
275)  GB   Aquila  -  James Gill
276)  GB   Aquila  -  Thomas Gill
277)  GB   where's monaco?  -  Andrew Dodds
278)  GB   where's monaco?  -  Ian Jones
279)  GB   where's monaco?  -  Martin Rutherford
280)  GB   Try Hard III  -  Alex DAmbrosie
281)  GB   Try Hard III  -  Darryl Samuels
282)  GB   Try Hard III  -  Brian Laidler
283)  GB   Where's me Mum  -  Mel Glass
284)  GB   Where's me Mum  -  Hugo Morgan
285)  GB   Where's me Mum  -  Hugo Glass
286)  GB   Where's me Mum  -  Mel Glass
287)  GB   Where's me Mum  -  Hugo Glass
288)  GB   Where's me Mum  -  Hugo Morgan
289)  GB   BSM Racing  -  Brian Stewart
290)  GB   BSM Racing  -  Scott Mulligan
291)  GB   BSM Racing  -  Mick Scott
292)  GB   Amnesiac Bulimics  -  Willie Webster
293)  GB   Amnesiac Bulimics  -  James Johnston
294)  GB   Amnesiac Bulimics  -  John  Morrow
295)  GB   Over the Bars / Steppingstanes  -  Alan Morford
296)  GB   Over the Bars / Steppingstanes  -  Martin  Armstrong
297)  GB   Over the Bars / Steppingstanes  -  Jordan Crawford
298)  GB   Clipped in Clapped out / Steppingstanes  -  Neil Copeland
299)  GB   Clipped in Clapped out / Steppingstanes  -  Craig McGill
300)  GB   Clipped in Clapped out / Steppingstanes  -  Adam Copeland
301)  GB   10 out of 10 for bottle  -  Gary Millar
302)  GB   10 out of 10 for bottle  -  Steven Holliday
303)  GB   10 out of 10 for bottle  -  Paul Dodds
304)  GB   Haggis Neeps & Mash/stepping stanes  -  John  Henry
305)  GB   Haggis Neeps & Mash/stepping stanes  -  Alan Denman
306)  GB   Haggis Neeps & Mash/stepping stanes  -  Andy Hopkins
307)  GB   The Kirroughthree  -  Kris Wright
308)  GB   The Kirroughthree  -  Graeme Warren
309)  GB   The Kirroughthree  -  Paul Massie
310)  GB   Three Feet High and Rising  -  Stu Thomson
311)  GB   Three Feet High and Rising  -  Colin Bull
312)  GB   Three Feet High and Rising  -  Stu Thomson
313)  GB   Team Farahjay  -  Dene Happell
314)  GB   Team Farahjay  -  Debbie Happell
315)  GB   Team Farahjay  -  Stuart Wilson
316)  GB   Did you spit on my haggis balls?  -  David Carr
317)  GB   Did you spit on my haggis balls?  -  Sally Todd
318)  GB   Did you spit on my haggis balls?  -  Simon Todd
319)  GB   Two Gingers and a Giant  -  Ben Neaves
320)  GB   Two Gingers and a Giant  -  Graeme Hurst
321)  GB   Two Gingers and a Giant  -  Susie Goddard
322)  GB   The Lap Dancers  -  Richard Hamilton
323)  GB   The Lap Dancers  -  Alistair Robertson
324)  GB   The Lap Dancers  -  Lesley Ingram

quad race entry

325)  GB   Beers and Bento 1  -  John Nicholson
326)  GB   Beers and Bento 1  -  Nick Cousins
327)  GB   Beers and Bento 1  -  Dave Lewis
328)  GB   Beers and Bento 1  -  Myles Cassidy
329)  GB   Beers and Bento 2  -  Stuart McMahon
330)  GB   Beers and Bento 2  -  Crawford Armstrong
331)  GB   Beers and Bento 2  -  Pete Flockhart
332)  GB   Beers and Bento 2  -  Jim Armstrong
333)  GB   NPC Shamal  -  Arthur Daly
334)  GB   NPC Shamal  -  Nigel McCoy
335)  GB   NPC Shamal  -  Gordon Barr
336)  GB   NPC Shamal  -  Steve Pears
337)  GB   NPC Sundowners  -  Robert Pollock
338)  GB   NPC Sundowners  -  Ryan Grierson
339)  GB   NPC Sundowners  -  Tim James
340)  GB   NPC Sundowners  -  Kerr Willis
341)  GB   Beer and Bento 3  -  Richard Crawford
342)  GB   Beer and Bento 3  -  Richard Crawford
343)  GB   Beer and Bento 3  -  Richard Crawford
344)  GB   Beer and Bento 3  -  Richard Crawford
345)  GB   Spanner Racing  -  Graham Stickle
346)  GB   Spanner Racing  -  Murray Watson
347)  GB   Spanner Racing  -  Pail Devlin
348)  GB   Spanner Racing  -  Dave Armitage
349)  GB   xclusia ginger ninja's  -  andy ball
350)  GB   xclusia ginger ninja's  -  jezz foster
351)  GB   xclusia ginger ninja's  -  mark ball
352)  GB   xclusia ginger ninja's  -  paul mcmahom
353)  GB   NPC Taku  -  Stuart Hall
354)  GB   NPC Taku  -  Ralph Torr
355)  GB   NPC Taku  -  Anna Marsh
356)  GB   NPC Taku  -  Craig Galloway
357)  GB   Treadhunters  -  Nick Piper
358)  GB   Treadhunters  -  Sophie Ingleby
359)  GB   Treadhunters  -  Tom Ownsworth
360)  GB   Treadhunters  -  Richard Wilson


Please retains these terms and conditions for future reference
Definitions “Conditions” means these terms and conditions of entry for the Event. “Entry Form” means the website pages which must be completed in order to participate in the Event. ”Event” means the event named on the Entry Form. “Event Organiser” means No Fuss Events, a company registered in Scotland. “Fee” means the price of entry into the Event as set out in the Entry Form. “Participant” means the person named on the Entry Form who will be participating in the Event.
Acceptance of Conditions: These Conditions shall apply in place of and prevail over any terms or conditions (whether or not in conflict or inconsistent with these Conditions) contained or referred to in any documentation submitted by the Participant or in correspondence or elsewhere or implied by trade custom, practice or course of dealing. A variation of these Conditions is only valid if the Event Organiser (No Fuss) gives notice to the Participant in writing in any official Event material or correspondence prior to the Event (including via email), The Participant shall be deemed to have accepted these Conditions upon completion of the Entry Form.
Participation 2.1 The Participant acknowledges that participation in the Event is physically strenuous. It is acknowledged that participation in the Event will be physically demanding and the Participant is aware of the nature of the Event and associated medical and physical risks involved.
2.2 The Participant agrees that he/she is physically capable of competing in the Event and agrees to be solely responsible for his/her actions and the Event Organiser, its officers, employees, agents, affiliates, associated companies, sponsors or medical advisers are not responsible for any injury or illness that the Participant may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the Event. The Participant accepts that should any medical or physical condition arise prior to the Event which is likely to affect his/her ability to participate, the Participant will withdraw in accordance with these Conditions.
2.3 The Participant agrees to abide by all applicable event rules and regulation. The Participant shall not be entitled to a refund of the Fees if he or she is disqualified from the Event as a result of an infringement of these Conditions or any such rules and regulations. The Event Organiser is also entitled to impose Event rules upon the Participant from time to time which will form part of these Conditions. The relevant rules and regulations may be obtained from the NO Fuss website under event specific rules.
2.4 The Participant must present for registration process at the times and on the day as instructed in the Event Information which will be issued by the Event Organiser before the Event.
2.5 It is the Participant’s responsibility to provide and use necessary equipment which complies with rules and event regulations.
2.6 The Event Organiser may introduce cut off times as they see fit as part of the Event rules, being limits on the time taken to complete sections of the Event (as initiated by the Event Organiser at its discretion) to ensure the safe and proper running of the Event. Subsequently, participants may be instructed to withdraw from the event in accordance with imposed cut off times.
2.7 The Event Organiser reserves the right at any time to remove Participants from the Event or prevent Participants participating in the Event if in the Event Organiser’s sole discretion, it considers such action necessary for safety reasons or the proper enjoyment of the Event by other Participants or for any other reasonable reason. No refund of the Fee shall be made if the Participant has acted negligently, maliciously, with wilful misconduct or otherwise without due care and attention for the Event or other participants, so as to cause his/her removal.
2.8 While the Event Organiser takes every care with the staging of the Event, the Participant acknowledges that personal accident and personal items insurance is his or her sole responsibility.
2.9 The minimum age of entry for events is 16 years old at the 31st December of the Event year. Participants who are under 16 years old on the 31st December of the Event year may race in specific events if identified in the events specific rules.
2.10 All decisions and rulings by the Event Organiser, its employees and its agents are considered final. Accordingly, the Participant will comply with all Event rules and all instructions and guidelines given by stewards, marshals, and safety personnel. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Event Organiser will organise and run the Event and will have sole authority and be the final arbiter on all decisions relating to the safety, running and organisation of the Event, the rules of the Event, the timings/finish times and the placing.
2.11 These Conditions are personal to the Participant and it may not assign any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the Event Organiser. The Participant represents and warrants that the Entry is purchased for personal use only, that it cannot be donated free of charge or otherwise given away for free, and that it is not purchased as part of any form of business or commercial activity (save as expressly authorised by the Event Organiser), and in particular, that the Entry may not be resold or offered for resale by anyone whether at a premium or otherwise and may not be used for advertising, promotion use as a prize (including in competitions and sweepstakes), travel packages, or for any other trade purposes. Donation, give away, resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure or cancellation without refund or other compensation.
2.12 The Participant acknowledges and accepts that circumstances concerning an Event may change from time to time for reasons out of the Event Organiser’s reasonable control or otherwise, without the Event Organiser incurring any liability and without any rights to withdrawal being accrued by the Participant other than set out in clause 4 below. By way of example, and for illustration purposes only, car parking arrangements and issues with hotels, may arise/change but such changes/issues will not allow the Participant to withdraw and nor will the Event Organiser be deemed liable except as otherwise set out herein.
Bookings and Payments 3.1 In consideration for being granted the right to participate, the Participant must pay the Fee by no later than the closing date set out on the Entry Form.
3.2 The Participant shall either (a) complete the Entry Form online and submit it together with payment of the Fee online in accordance with the Event Organisers’ website or (b) complete the Entry Form by hand and fill in the appropriate card details and send it by post. 3.3 The Participant shall not be eligible or entitled to participate in the Event until full payment of the Fee has been received by the Event Organiser. No payment shall be deemed to have been received until the Event Organiser has received cleared funds.
Withdrawal, Cancellations or Alterations 4.1 The Event Organiser operates a 7 day cooling off period. Accordingly, the Participant is entitled to cancel his/her application to participate provided the Event Organiser receives written notice of cancellation within 7 days of payment of the Fee (payment being deemed made for the purposes of this clause 4.1 by clicking on the make payment link on the Protx Secure Payment webpage or receipt of the Entry Form sent by post in accordance with clause 3.1 above). During this 7 day period the Participant is able to cancel its entry and receive a full refund of the Fee by emailing [email protected] or writing to the Event Organiser, No Fuss Events, Tigh Mo Mhiann, Croft 48, Banavie, Inverness shire PH33 7PB. The notice must be received by the end of the 7 day cooling off period.
4.2 The Event Organiser reserves the right to change the date of the Event. In the event of such change of date of the Event, and the Participant is unable to attend on the revised date, he/she has three weeks to inform the Event Organiser in writing from when the change in date is announced to receive a refund of their Entry Fee.
4.3 The Participant acknowledges that participant places are limited and payment of the Fee and reservation of the place has an affect on logistics and the subscription for the Event. Accordingly, subject to clauses 4.1 and 4.2 above, the Participant may only withdraw from the Event at any time, subject to the following:
4.3.1 If the Participant withdraws from the Event 90 days or more before the Event he/she will receive no refund but upon request the Event Organiser will provide the Participant with a place free of charge in the same Event the following year, provided such event takes place.
4.3.2 If a Participant pulls out of the Event between 89 days and 8 days before the Event he/she will receive no refund from the Event Organiser but upon request the Event Organiser will reserve the Participant’s entry for the Event which it proposes to run the following year subject to the Participant completing an entry form and paying the applicable entry fee for such event within the stipulated time limits for such event.
4.3.3 If the Participant pulls out of the Event with 7 days or less of the Event or if the Participant fails to register for the Event he/she will receive no refund or reserved entry for any future race or event.
4.4 No Participant shall be entitled to change the race category further to submitting the Entry Form.
4.5 Notice of withdrawal from the Event must be communicated by withdrawing through the online admin service on the event website or by writing to the Event Organiser, No Fuss Events, Tigh Mo Mhiann, Croft 48, Banavie Withdrawals WILL NOT be accepted by telephone. Date of receipt of notice will dictate whether or not a free or guaranteed place is offered for the following year in accordance with this clause 4.
4.6 Should places in any category for the Event be oversubscribed, the Event Organiser reserves the right to either offer the Participant a place in a suitable alternative category for such Event or withdraw the offer of a place.
4.7 In the event the Event Organiser withdraws the offer of a place to the Participant in the Event for any reason at any time it will provide the Participant with a full refund of the Fee, with no further liability whatsoever arising from such withdrawal. Notwithstanding this clause 4.7 no refund shall be made where otherwise set out herein (including for the avoidance of doubt clauses 2.3, 2.8 and 2.14).
4.8 The Event Organiser reserves the right to amend the Event format or cancel the Event due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. In the event of the Event being cancelled it shall provide the Participant with a full refund with no further liability whatsoever arising from such cancellation, if the event is changed to another format the Participant will not be entitled to any refund and there shall be no further liability whatsoever arising from such change of format
4.9 The withdrawal policy set out in this clause 4 does not apply to Charity Pledge Place Participants whose places are the property of the charity.
Event Organiser Responsibilities/Liability 5.1 Notwithstanding anything in these Conditions the Event Organiser shall not be liable to the Participant for any liability in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss of business, revenue or profits, anticipated savings or wasted expenditure, loss or damage of or to personal equipment belonging to the Participant or any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever (notwithstanding that such loss was within the contemplation of the parties at the date of submitting the Entry Form) arising out of the Participant taking part in the Event or any other matter arising under these Conditions nor for an aggregate amount greater than the Fee paid by the Participant. Without limiting the foregoing, the Event Organiser will not be liable for any actions of any spectators or other third parties unless otherwise set out herein.
5.2 Accordingly the Participant hereby expressly and irrevocably renounces, for him/herself, heirs and successors in title the right to any recourse or claims whatsoever against the Event Organiser, its officers, employees, suppliers and/or sponsors and/or persons for whom it is answerable (“Associated Parties”) as a result of any kind of physical, mental or other loss or damage of whatsoever nature (including any loss of earnings, profits, or pain and suffering) suffered by the Participant, directly or indirectly, or by his/her family or by any dependents and caused by an event in any way relating to the Participant’s participation in Event, and the Participant hereby undertakes, for him/herself, heirs and successors in title to indemnify and hold harmless the Event Organiser, and the Associated Parties for any costs and/or amount which they or any of them may be required to pay as a result of any recourse or claim aforesaid by whomsoever made. The Participant also agrees to indemnify the Event Organiser and the Associated Parties for any claim, actions, liabilities or losses resulting from any breach of the Participant’s declarations above and/or the Participant’s negligent acts or omissions and/or wilful misconduct.
5.3 Nothing in these Conditions shall exclude or limit the liability of the Event Organiser: 5.3.1 for death or personal injury caused by the Event Organiser’s negligence;
5.3.2 for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or
5.3.3 for any matter which it would be illegal for the Event Organiser to exclude or attempt to exclude liability.
5.4 This clause 5 shall be read and construed and shall have effect subject to any limitation imposed by any applicable law.
Publicity and Results 6.1 The Participant irrevocably consents to:
6.1.1 his/her appearance in the Event being filmed, recorded, incorporated and exploited in whole or in part in any television programme, film, video or broadcast of whatever nature by all means and in all media and formats now or invented after the date of these Conditions; and
6.1.2 the use and reproduction of the Participant’s name, likeness, appearance and photographs, films and recordings by all means and in all media for the purpose of advertising, publicity and otherwise in relation to the exploitation of the Event (and future events) and/or the promotion of the Event (and future events) and the commercial rights relating to the Event (and future events) provided that such use does not imply direct endorsement by the Participant of any official sponsor or supplier of the Event.
6.2 Any film, photographs (by camera or mobile phone), or any other recording of moving or still picture, and all intellectual property in connection therewith (including but not limited to copyright) shall remain the property of the Event Organiser, and where such intellectual property does not automatically vest in the Event Organiser, these Conditions shall constitute a legally binding assignment thereof and/or the Participant shall sign all reasonable documentation required to give affect thereto. Accordingly any such recording shall not be used other than for private use without the Event Organiser’s prior written consent.
6.3 The Event Organiser will use best endeavours to provide an Event finish time for the Participant however it cannot be held responsible for any computer result anomalies or any technical malfunctions.
General 7.1 These Conditions (and the documents referred to in them) constitute the entire agreement and understanding of the parties and supersede any previous agreement between the parties relating to the Event. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that in submitting the Entry Form (and the documents referred to in it) it does not rely on, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, warranty, understanding, promise or assurance (whether negligently or innocently made) of any person (whether party to these Conditions or not) other than as expressly set out in these Conditions.
7.2 Nothing in these Conditions shall constitute or be deemed to constitute a partnership between the parties hereto or constitute or be deemed to constitute either party as agent of the other for any purpose whatsoever and neither party shall have authority or power to bind the other or to contract in the name of the other in any way or for any purpose.
7.3 No waiver by either party of a breach or a default hereunder shall be effective unless in writing and signed by both parties and any such waiver shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach or default of the same or similar nature.
7.4 To the extent permitted by law all provisions of these Conditions shall be severable and no provision shall be affected by the invalidity or unenforceability of any other provision with the remaining provisions if necessary, being so amended as shall be necessary to give effect to the spirit of these Conditions so far as possible.
7.5 These Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Scotland and any dispute arising hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts.