10 Under the Ben 2020

10 Under the Ben, we believe is Scotland's original and best mountain bike endurance event!

It remains the flagship of the No Fuss Events portfolio,  its longevity makes it a  "must do" for every mountain biker. 10 Under the Ben and the amazing trails around Leanachen forest guarantees a great day’s riding (regardless of the weather). It does not matter whether you are racing or out for a ride with your mates,  its all about  enjoyment, friendship and  fun.

For 2020 it is another Birthday for our Big Boy Ben,  15 years of 10 under the Ben and it is time  for a big course shake up. As many of you will remember 10 under the Ben special birthdays, mean special prices and for 2020 entries will be  £30.   After 14 years and 154hrs of racing we just wanted to say THANKS for all your support over the years.
Solo £30
Pair £60
Quads £120

I am new 10 Under the ben what should I expect?

Firstly the clue is in the name, No Fuss, that's just what we do!

What about the course?  You will find some fine climbs, some sweet singletrack, great gripping descents and a whole lot of fun.  It's up to you, you can go as hard, or easy, as you like. The trail network at Nevis Range has been developed around the cross country world cup course which was originally built in 2007, since then there have been some great additions to the network.  We are in no doubt that the course team will deliver another cracker of a course for 2020.

Sticking to the classic mountain bike endurance marathon format of an approx 10-mile lap and a 10-hour time limit, 10 Under the Ben takes place on the trails beneath Ben Nevis. 10 Under the Ben has stood the test of time and continues to attract an average of 700 riders. Racing in categories which include solos, pairs or quads. 

The  Outdoor Capital of the UK has a wide range of activities and adventures, we would encourage you to make a weekend of it, why not have a go on the famous Top Chief descent at Nevis Range.

Choose your entry

Ticket type Price per Ticket How many?
Solo Male £30 per entry
Solo Female £30 per entry
Pair Male £60 per entry
Pair Female £60 per entry
Pair Mix £60 per entry
Quad Male £120 per entry
Quad Female £120 per entry
Quad Mix £120 per entry
E Bike £30 per entry

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The aim is to complete as many laps as you can in the 10 hour time limit.

Teams ride in relay – there’s only one team member on the course at any one time. The event is timed using a Sportident Timing system, each team or solo will be issued with a timing card at registration, The card is worn by the team member on course. When a rider crosses the lap finish line their time is recorded, and they then pass the card onto the next team member and so on.

Riders can do as many laps (or as few) as they want in the time. After riders have passed through the timing area their lap time is recorded, they then pass the card onto another team mate or continue if riding solo.

There will be plenty going on around the course and event village, the course itself will have marshals at all strategic points, Muddy Medics will be on site and on the course if assistance is needed at any point.

The race starts at 0930 on Saturday 23rd of May 2020. You must register beforehand (or the evening before) to collect your race number, timing chip and course information.

Full details will be sent to entrants with participant notes in the lead up to the race.

Solo Entry £30.00 

Pair Entry £60.00

Quad Entry £120.00

We often get asked What do I get for my entry fee?

Apart from all the boring stuff like VAT paid, relevant insurance, business administartion, payroll etc. You know the stuff that it takes to run a business in 2020.

You will get 10  hours of top riding with like-minded people doing something that we all love on some of the best trails that Scotland has to offer, trails that will hold out no matter what the weather.

Your race times will be recorded by Sportident Electronic timing and full results will be available throughout the race and full results will be online throughout the race. 

Event village with great food and drink.

The best on course medics available.

On site and on course tech support.

Entertainment, "Music and Laughter with a hey hey we're the boys to entertain you" those of you of age may want to sing that wee line.


There will be parking gestapo working the main sites that we are using to help, please listen to them, they are going to get you all in! Please note there is ample parking for all participants, there is not ample space for every participant to park and have an easy up, bbq, toilet tent etc etc. We will do our best to accommodate all needs where possible. Parking for Caravans and larger motorhomes will be at Nevis Range over spill car park. There is plenty parking between Nevis Range and the overspill area, we are delighted to announce that parking for the event will FREE OF CHARGE  for 2020.

As always the earlier you arrive the easier it is to assist you in finding the sweetest spot. If you are camping there are limited spaces around the car park. Please take all rubbish away with you at the end of the event, this will be very helpful.


There will be portable toilets and toilet facilities at Nevis Range. There are also showers at Nevis Range which cost £1.


The event schedule is not quite complete,  although here is a rough breakdown of how the day will work. We will keep you posted as the day builds.


1800 - 2100 10 Under the Ben Registration at the Pine Martin Cafe  at Nevis Range


0630 - 0830 Registration 10 Under the Ben

0845 Mandatory Team Captains meeting 10 Under the Ben

0930 Ten Under The Ben Race Start

1930 Last lap commence 10 Under the Ben

2030 Timing Closed

2100 Medal Ceremony 10 Under the Ben


2019 Course

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

Solo Male

1)  GB-SCT   Fuel Jockey  -  Stephen Lethardy
2)  GB-SCT   A Fish supper will be earned   -  Neil Scott
3)  GB-SCT   Sandy Crew  -  Stuart  Davidson
4)  GB-ENG   Team Lexi Sue  -  Mick Iveson
5)  GB-SCT   SQUAD  -  Matthew Cherrie
6)  GB-SCT   Bennachie Bike Bothy   -  Andrew Scouller
7)  GB-SCT   SQUAD   -  Chris Hutchison
8)  GB-SCT   Dirty Weekenders  -  David Gillon
9)  GB-ENG   Solus  -  Matt Cowan
10)  GB-SCT   Don't stop  -  Darren Dean
11)  GB-SCT   Don't Panic  -  Felix Maddison
12)  GB-SCT   Total Endurance Aberdeen  -  andy Davidson
13)  GB-SCT   McCardle  -  Brian  McCardle
14)  GB-SCT   Nevis cycles race team   -  GARY MACDONALD
15)  GB-SCT   Mainer  -  Iain Main
16)  GB-SCT   SR Albannach  -  John Mackenzie
17)  GB-SCT   SR Albannach  -  Chris Barr
18)  GB-SCT   Richards cycles,‌ chicken G Racing.   -  Jason  Lindsay
19)  GB-SCT   Malc A  -  Malcolm Atkinson
20)  GB-SCT   Meta Bike Division  -  James Mccallum
21)  GB-SCT   Welsh Cake  -  Jason davies
22)  GB-SCT   Hard as concrete   -  Paul Fowler
23)  GB-SCT   Cotswold outdoor   -  Russ Walton
24)  GB-SCT   Phil Gray MukyRiderz   -  Phil Gray
25)  GB-SCT   Grumpy Chump  -  Stuart Burge
26)  GB-SCT   JC  -  Johnny Chree
27)  GB-SCT   Mukyz Marko  -  Mark Herd
28)  GB-SCT   Montrose Triathlon Club  -  Paul Kefford
29)  GB   Jim Sutherland  -  Jim Sutherland
30)  IE   Even slower than last year  -  James McNeilly
31)  GB   Fullsuss.com  -  Craig Duffy
32)  GB-SCT   I-cycles  -  Steven Deas
33)  CR   TMSCRC  -  Tomas Bolanos
34)  GB-SCT   MoFlow  -  Oliver Carter
35)  GB-SCT   Pee Stained Hobo  -  Steve Lambie
36)  GB-SCT   Lots of Fuss  -  Barrie Dallas
37)  GB   Rob Hinds  -  Rob Hinds
38)  GB-SCT   Dirty Wicker  -  Iain Nicolson
39)  GB   LRC Miler  -  Graham Dickie
40)  GB-SCT   Basecamp Bikes/Merida Bicycles U.K.  -  Kyle Beattie
41)  GB-SCT   The maddos  -  David Burns
42)  GB-SCT   AHC Powertools  -  Barry MacPherson
43)  GB-SCT   RG Autotech   -  Graeme Beveridge
44)  GB   Django  -  Michael Johnson
45)  GB-SCT   Resilience Scotland  -  ian cormack
46)  GB-SCT   Glasgow Mountain Bike Club   -  Scott Michie
47)  GB-SCT   James Gardiner  -  James Gardiner
48)  GB-SCT   Collier Garden Solutions  -  Alasdair Collier
49)  GB-SCT   Samual Gardiner  -  Samual Gardiner
50)  GB-SCT   Jake   -  Jake Nicol
51)  GB-ENG   Chris Gower  -  Chris  Gower
52)  GB-ENG   Phil Bryan  -  Phil Bryan
53)  GB   Alweld24  -  Allan Campbell
54)  GB-SCT   GalaCC  -  Julian Howell
55)  GB-SCT   DavidA  -  David Atkinson
56)  GB-ENG   Ambleside AC  -  Chris Robinson
57)  GB-SCT   2 geeks,‌ 3 peaks  -  craig mcgougan
58)  GB-SCT   2 geeks,‌ 3 peaks  -  william  neilson
59)  IO   OARMAARM  -  Richard Lawley
60)  GB   A piece is a sandwich,‌ ken?  -  Gary Thompson
61)  GB-SCT   Gio Tolhurst  -  Gordon Tolhurst
62)  GB-SCT   BigBadBadura RaceTeam  -  Rob Badura
63)  GB-SCT   BigBadBadura RaceTeam  -  Matt Badura
64)  GB-ENG   The Indian Fire Trail  -  San Kapil
65)  GB-SCT   Aboyne Newmads  -  Miles Newman
66)  GB-SCT   Mo  -  Morris Watters
67)  GB-SCT   It'll buff out!  -  Steven Wallace
68)  GB-SCT   Medusa’s Sting  -  Jimmy Thomson
69)  GB-SCT   Medusa’s Sting  -  Alex Newhouse
70)  GB-ENG   Oldgit  -  Paul Lawrence
71)  GB-SCT   GC  -  Graham Calder
72)  GB-SCT   Singlespeed Simon  -  Simon Haslam
73)  GB-SCT   Orange Fox Bikes   -  Sean  Fillos-kelt
74)  GB-SCT   Shake n bake  -  Allan Tunnock
76)  GB-SCT   WTF Again!  -  Alan Rodger
77)  GB-SCT   Heels Down  -  Ryan Smeaton
78)  GB-WLS   Age is no Barrier  -  Ian Prescott
79)  GB-SCT   Whoosh Brothers  -  Euan Bruce
80)  GB-SCT   Gunny  -  Chuck OConnell
81)  GB-ENG   Mark Adams  -  Mark Adams
82)  GB-SCT   long time comin  -  Anton Buter
83)  GB   RAFCA  -  Jon Vogel
84)  GB   Nethy Phat Boys  -  Martin Kubes
85)  IE   SR Albannach  -  Niall Shannon
86)  GB-SCT   Nethy phattys!  -  Thomas Ardern
87)  GB   The Hardrock Hoodlums  -  Neil(NitroNom) Glendinning
88)  GB-SCT   Hardrock Hoodlums  -  Raymond Miller
90)  GB   Rab Thomson  -  Rab Thomson
91)  GB-SCT   Gordie Mackinnon   -  Gordon Mackinnon
92)  GB-SCT   Andy  -  Andy Hamilton
93)  GB-SCT   Hardrock Hoodlums  -  Andrew Webster
94)  GB-SCT   Team Ayr Burners   -  Ross  McCulloch
95)  GB-SCT   BM  -  Barry Mcgovaney
96)  GB-SCT   Scot  -  Scot Colquhoun
97)  GB-SCT   AM WITH JACK  -  Alan Irvine
98)  GB-SCT   Billygoatracing  -  Craig Malcolmson
99)  GB-ENG   Forrest   -  Joe Forrest
100)  GB-SCT   Billy carnochan   -  Billy  Carnochan
101)  GB-SCT   TAR-B  -  Daniel Baird
102)  GB   Fraser watters  -  Fraser watters
103)  GB-SCT   Winston Returns!😂  -  Alan McKean
104)  GB-SCT   Minty Murray  -  Lee Murray
105)  GB   Craigokenn  -  Craig Kennedy
106)  GB   Hodgkinson racing team  -  George Hodgkinson
107)  GB-SCT   Velo Schils  -  Wilson Renwick
108)  GB-SCT   SMITHMTB  -  Steven Smith
109)  GB   Team Misery  -  William Hoynes
110)  GB   Hardrock Mutt  -  David Lees
111)  GB-SCT   Uibhisteach  -  Francis Walker
112)  GB-SCT   Cranky and Tyred  -  Bruce Souter
113)  GB-SCT   Team Motive  -  James Gregg
114)  GB-SCT   Alasdair  -  Alasdair Campbell

Solo Female

115)  GB-SCT   Moragh Taylor  -  Moragh Taylor
116)  GB-SCT   Flying Squirrel  -  Sarah Tamm
117)  GB-SCT   Bennachie Bike Bothy   -  Erin Wood
118)  GB-SCT   Dirt Vixens  -  Claire McMullen
119)  GB-ENG   Cat(astrophe)  -  Cat Hirst
120)  GB-SCT     -  Dawn Anderson
121)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club Jeannie   -  Jean  Mclennan
122)  GB-SCT   Puddle Duck  -  Riley Tamm
123)  GB-SCT   KL4  -  Kirsty Lee
124)  GB   Solo Jo  -  Jo Cooke
125)  GB-SCT   Restless Natives  -  Paula Wilkie
126)  GB-WLS   Aboyne Newmads  -  Isabel Davies
127)  GB-ENG   Julie Elder  -  Julie Elder
128)  GB-SCT   Orange Fox Bikes   -  Lilly-Belle  Fillos-kelt
129)  GB-SCT   LeslieBikeShopBikersBoutique  -  Gillian StewartPratt
130)  GB   All dream no team   -  Meg Spittal
131)  GB-SCT   Jojo has another go  -  jo cardwell

Pair Male

132)  GB-SCT   Uphill Strugglers  -  Scott Cameron
133)  GB-SCT   Uphill Strugglers  -  Mark Bell
134)  GB-SCT   Full Shoe  -  David Macdonald
135)  GB-SCT   Full Shoe  -  Patrick MacInnes
136)  GB-SCT   Bleezing Saddles  -  Dave Barclay
137)  GB-SCT   Bleezing Saddles  -  Dwayne Coutts
138)  GB-SCT   The Man Who Wasn't There  -  Mark Stewart
139)  GB-SCT   The Man Who Wasn't There  -  Iain Donnachie
140)  GB-SCT   Jack n' Victor  -  Stuart Sutherland
141)  GB-SCT   Jack n' Victor  -  George Christie
142)  ZA   SandysAndTheBanter  -  Zachariah Foster
143)  GB   SandysAndTheBanter  -  Euan Macalister
144)  GB-SCT   Boys Of The Dell  -  James Maclean
145)  GB-SCT   Boys Of The Dell  -  Scott Shiells
146)  GB-SCT   Stoorie Midori  -  Gregor Sutherland
147)  GB-SCT   Stoorie Midori  -  Alasdair McKinley
148)  GB-SCT   rideforclare  -  Vince Mackintosh
149)  GB-SCT   rideforclare  -  Campbell  Mackintosh
150)  GB-SCT   Fats n small  -  David Shearer
151)  GB-SCT   Fats n small  -  Ryan Crichton
152)  GB-SCT   West lomond descenders  -  Callum  Carmichael
153)  GB-SCT   West lomond descenders  -  Bob  Cunningham
154)  GB   West lomond descenders  -  Scott Hardie
155)  GB-SCT   West lomond descenders  -  Paul  McConville
156)  GB-SCT   West lomond descenders  -  Phil  Galloway
157)  GB-SCT   West lomond descenders  -  Owen McConville
158)  GB-SCT   Hawdit & Dawdit  -  Iain Rivans
159)  GB-SCT   Hawdit & Dawdit  -  James McDade
160)  GB-SCT   Mud is dum backwards   -  Robbie  Mackay
161)  GB-SCT   Mud is dum backwards   -  Richard  Armstrong
162)  GB-SCT   The Indy Ref 2  -  Graham Macnab
163)  GB-SCT   The Indy Ref 2  -  Kenny McIntyre
164)  GB-SCT   Slow and steady   -  Alasdair  Hynd
165)  GB-SCT   Slow and steady   -  Paul  Kennedy
166)  GB   Pedal Power RT/Espresso Cycle Coaching  -  Alan Maxwell
167)  GB   Pedal Power RT/Espresso Cycle Coaching  -  Keith Greenwood
168)  GB-SCT   Discovery senior 1  -  Niall Till
169)  GB-SCT   Discovery senior 1  -  Billy Whyte
170)  GB-SCT   Where's Colin  -  Brian Morren
171)  GB-SCT   Where's Colin  -  Scott Philp
172)  GB-SCT   C-bike or E-bike?  -  Jack Vamplew
173)  GB-SCT   C-bike or E-bike?  -  Colin Ritchie
174)  GB-SCT   IFixCycles  -  Scott Davidson
175)  GB-SCT   IFixCycles  -  Andrew Christie
176)  GB-SCT   Hardies Bikes Melrose  -  Scott Ramsay
177)  GB-SCT   Hardies Bikes Melrose  -  Graham Forbes
178)  GB   Fat and crap checked shirts   -  Edward Hughes
179)  GB-SCT   Fat and crap checked shirts   -  Robert  Mitchel
180)  GB-SCT   Aboyne Newmads  -  Kit Newman
181)  GB-ENG   Aboyne Newmads  -  Milo Newman
182)  GB-SCT   Team McCanwedothis?  -  Richard Bettinson
183)  GB-SCT   Team McCanwedothis?  -  Conor Mcgahon
184)  GB-SCT   Cheese & Wine   -  Chris Morrison
185)  GB-SCT   Cheese & Wine   -  Will Crawford
186)  GB-SCT   San Bros  -  Andrew San
187)  GB-SCT   San Bros  -  Alistair  San
188)  GB-ENG   The Shy Teds  -  Paul Steadman
189)  GB-ENG   The Shy Teds  -  John Barron
190)  GB-SCT   2 Phat 2 Phurious  -  Troy  Wardrop
191)  GB-SCT   2 Phat 2 Phurious  -  Ross Watson
192)  GB-ENG   Lazy and Phat  -  George Pritchard
193)  GB-SCT   Lazy and Phat  -  Phillip  Hodgkiss
194)  GB-SCT   Spicy Bikers  -  David Sik
195)  GB-SCT   Spicy Bikers  -  Tom Jenkins
196)  GB-SCT   Tykes on bikes  -  Andy Hutchinson
197)  GB-SCT   Tykes on bikes  -  Ian Hay
198)  GB-SCT   Plan Dee  -  Andy  Bain
199)  GB-SCT   Plan Dee  -  David  Hirst
200)  GB-SCT   GCCCC Expendables  -  Stu Logan
201)  HR   GCCCC Expendables  -  Zeljko Patljak
202)  GB-SCT   Ollie Bollie Racing (Discovery JCC)  -  Pierre Bernard
203)  GB-SCT   Ollie Bollie Racing (Discovery JCC)  -  Oliver  Bernard
204)  GB-SCT   Tyre’d Knobs  -  David Livesey
205)  GB-SCT   Tyre’d Knobs  -  Mike Burman

Pair Female

206)  GB-SCT   The Original Ben Wyfies Cake Club  -  Deirdre  Graham
207)  GB-SCT   The Original Ben Wyfies Cake Club  -  Karyn  MacKenzie
208)  GB-SCT   TheCoolGals  -  Eliza Barrie
209)  GB-SCT   TheCoolGals  -  Amelia Shuttleworth
210)  GB-SCT   Not 10,‌‌‌ 2  -  Caroline McKaig
211)  GB   Not 10,‌‌‌ 2  -  Clare Taylor
212)  GB-SCT   Massive Attack Position (Dirt Vixens)  -  Jill Paterson
213)  GB-SCT   Massive Attack Position (Dirt Vixens)  -  Shaheen Salaripour
214)  GB-SCT   The Destroyers (Wallace Warriors)  -  Jess Barton
215)  GB-SCT   The Destroyers (Wallace Warriors)  -  Eva Mill
216)  GB-SCT   tea wee wummin  -  Joanne Baxter
217)  GB-SCT   tea wee wummin  -  Fiona Walker
218)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club  -  Sara Cairns
219)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club  -  Karen  McIntosh
220)  GB-SCT   Queens of the Loamage (Dirt Vixens)  -  Rosie Fletcher
221)  GB-SCT   Queens of the Loamage (Dirt Vixens)  -  Kirstin Morrison

Pair Mix

222)  GB-SCT   Discovery junior .1  -  Lexa Whyte
223)  GB-SCT   Discovery junior .1  -  Eric Till
224)  GB-SCT   I-Cycles  -  Martin aawalker
225)  GB-SCT   I-Cycles  -  Rachael McDougal
226)  GB-ENG   2 Wheeler's   -  Stephen  Wheeler
227)  GB-ENG   2 Wheeler's   -  Christine  Wheeler
228)  GB-SCT   The Harvey Dows  -  Caroline Harvey
229)  GB-SCT   The Harvey Dows  -  Alistair Dow
230)  GB-SCT   Team Fit Fifties Fun  -  Davie Robb
231)  GB-SCT   Team Fit Fifties Fun  -  Sharon Robb
232)  GB-SCT   I want to ride my bicycle.   -  Sian McCallum
233)  GB-ENG   I want to ride my bicycle.   -  Peter Willson
234)  GB-SCT   Ionagh’s cannon fodder  -  Ken Provan
235)  GB-SCT   Ionagh’s cannon fodder  -  Helen Wallace
236)  GB-SCT   BrokeBackBikers  -  Simon Hare
237)  GB-SCT   BrokeBackBikers  -  Rosa Hare
238)  GB   GCCCC Dragon Riders  -  Dora Aldridge
239)  GB   GCCCC Dragon Riders  -  Michael Aldridge
240)  GB-SCT   Hall and spokes  -  Matthew Girvan
241)  GB-SCT   Hall and spokes  -  Karen Fletcher
242)  GB-SCT   Do not resuscitate  -  Catriona Duncan
243)  GB-SCT   Do not resuscitate  -  James Steven
244)  GB-SCT   mleh bird and hawtstuff  -  Peter Devlin
245)  GB-SCT   mleh bird and hawtstuff  -  Roberta Walker
246)  GB-SCT   Chafing The Dream  -  Kathryn Heslop
247)  GB-SCT   Chafing The Dream  -  Dougie Langlands
248)  GB-SCT   cakeriders  -  Ian Goodman
249)  GB-SCT   cakeriders  -  Cathy Chapman
250)  GB-SCT   #bemorebj  -  Vicky Doherty
251)  GB-SCT   #bemorebj  -  Duncan Johnston
252)  GB-SCT   Overheard in St Andrews  -  Mari Cole
253)  GB-SCT   Overheard in St Andrews  -  Luke Bradley
254)  GB-ENG   Two 4 Ten  -  Benita Hensman-martin
255)  GB-SCT   Two 4 Ten  -  Maurice McKeown

Quad Male

256)  GB-SCT   Team Carbonara  -  Colin Chisholm
257)  GB-SCT   Team Carbonara  -  Derek Eadie
258)  GB-SCT   Team Carbonara  -  Paul Martin
259)  GB-SCT   Team Carbonara  -  Simon Sheehan

Quad Female

260)  SE   Tree Hugging Midge Munchers   -  Jenny  Ward
261)  GB-SCT   Tree Hugging Midge Munchers   -  Katie Small
262)  GB   Tree Hugging Midge Munchers   -  Rachel Mckerral
263)  MW   Tree Hugging Midge Munchers   -  Zoe  Newson
264)  GB-SCT   Notorious MTB (Dirt Vixens)  -  Blaze Sykes
265)  GB-SCT   Notorious MTB (Dirt Vixens)  -  Ann Miller
266)  GB-SCT   Notorious MTB (Dirt Vixens)  -  Lucy Dalton
267)  GB-SCT   Notorious MTB (Dirt Vixens)  -  Carol Robertson

Quad Mix

268)  GB-SCT   Tree Hugging Midge Munchers Mixed Edition  -  Keith Melton
269)  GB-SCT   Tree Hugging Midge Munchers Mixed Edition  -  Bryan Johnson
270)  GB-SCT   Tree Hugging Midge Munchers Mixed Edition  -  Anna Marshall
271)  GB-SCT   Tree Hugging Midge Munchers Mixed Edition  -  Matt Allen
272)  GB-SCT   Never say Nevis Again  -  Allie Scott
273)  GB-SCT   Never say Nevis Again  -  Chris Ashmole
274)  GB-SCT   Never say Nevis Again  -  John Scott
275)  GB-SCT   Never say Nevis Again  -  Helen  Ash
276)  GB-SCT   McAdams  -  Jamie McLaughlan
277)  GB-SCT   McAdams  -  Euan McLaughlan
278)  GB-SCT   McAdams  -  David Adams
279)  GB-SCT   McAdams  -  Katie Adams

E Bike

280)  GB-SCT   Alistair Chappell  -  Alistair Chappell
281)  GB-SCT   David Dunlop  -  David Dunlop
282)  GB-SCT   Shaun Donovan  -  Shaun Donovan
283)  GB   TayMac  -  Andrew Taylor
284)  GB-SCT   Dryburghcycles  -  stephen payton


Rules and Regulations

It is important that you and your teammates and support crew read these very carefully. Each lap is approximately 10 miles -under 1 hour for the fastest riders, nearly 2 hours for those who are new to the sport or are just that wee bit more careful. The courses will consist of a bit of everything, including wide single track, narrow single track with rocks, roots, mud, fast flowing single track, low gear uphill’s, water crossings, technical ascents and descents, plus fire roads. The event is for solo riders and for teams in a relay format.


1. Mandatory pre-event meeting at 0830 on Saturday for all team captains/team leaders, although all riders and crew are encouraged to attend. Teams must designate a captain/ team leader (this will be understood to be first name entered in team) to handle all official matters including pre event meeting, picking up registration packs, making sure all teammates have correct numbers and have completed any paperwork etc.

2. Each team and solo rider will bear responsibility for their timing. In order for laps to count riders must pass through the transition area and use the chips correctly every time a lap is completed.

3. Waiting riders should always check in with transition officials prior to starting their lap. Please adhere to the NO RIDE RULES in transition areas. Riders should only use solo riders area if they are in that class.

4. If a team member wishes to do two laps in a row it essential that they still ‘dib’ when passing through transition.

5. Each team member and solo rider must complete a minimum of one lap. Teams will be penalised a lap for each lap not completed by each member except in the case of any injury, which must be reported to race official who will make final decision.

6. If a team member cannot complete his or her lap, the team has the option of starting the lap over with a new rider. They will however, lose the distance and time of the uncompleted lap. The replacement rider must check in with timing official prior to starting the lap.

7. For obvious safety reasons there is no reverse riding on the course.

8. Teammates may cannibalise each other’s bikes or swap if necessary. Riders may accept mechanical support on the course by any other registered rider; transition and camp areas is the only area where assistance from support crews is acceptable.

9. Riders may accept food and water from anyone on the course.

10. We strongly suggest that each team and solo rider have a support crew of at least 1 or 2 persons who are not taking part to assist with various jobs such as organsing transitions, cooking and assisting with mechanical problems.

11. Bike wash areas will be available at each event. Toilets and showers will be available throughout the weekend. Please use the toilets provided.

12. If you are planning camping please be aware that there is limited space in the car park at Nevis Range. The ground is almost all hard standing and not easy to get pegs in. Space is allocated at a first come, first serve basis. Camping will also be available at Torlundy Farm, which is around 2 miles cycle on an old forestry access road (tarred).

13. You will need all your own camping supplies. A variety of food (hot and cold meals, soup and snacks) will be available for purchase at the transition area Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check website for event specific updates.

14. Riders may require lights, which must be at least 4 watts and be secured to bikes or helmet. NO FUSS will have final say when lights should be used.

15. If lighting is required it will be against the rules for riders to ride with their lights out to save batteries. Riders violating this rule will have their current lap nullified.

16. Only riders officially entered in the event or designated as “Official Course Marshals” may ride the designated course.

17. Wearing a buckled helmet is mandatory anytime you are on your bike in the race area (not just when it is your lap).

18. All team captains and solo riders must attend pre-race meeting at 0830 on the Saturday

19. Ignorance of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse.

20. Foul riding will not be tolerated, unsportsmanlike behaviour is totally un-acceptable. This includes the use of profane or abusive language, this rule is taken very seriously by No Fuss and anyone who violates this rule shall be disqualified from this and any future No Fuss events.

21. Shortcutting the course can be grounds for automatic disqualification of the solo rider or the entire team. If a rider makes a mistake and they report to officials before it is discovered, a time adjustment will be applied rather than a DQ.

22. Riders who are riding their bikes have the right of way over those who are pushing their bikes. Where practical, riders pushing should stay on the least rideable portion of the trail when being passed. Riders are encouraged to call pleasantly “passing on the right or left” as appropriate.

23. All protests must be made by a team captain to a No Fuss Official ( Frazer or Spook . Protests can be made throughout the event and up to 15 mins after the final results are posted. It would be appreciated if any protests could be made respectfully to the officials. No Fuss officials say is final in all protests.

24. Safety on the course is our primary concern. If you come across an injured rider or a potentially unsafe situation, you are encouraged to stop and assist. If you stop to give assistance for a health and safety related reason, you should report your number to a passing rider who will turn it in to the transition official so that your team’s next rider may commence their lap. You must then complete your lap, report to the transition official and report the nature of the assistance you provided and an approximate duration of your stop. You will be assigned a lap time in accordance with your or your teams average times, whichever is the faster. NB Time adjustments are made by a No Fuss official and are final. NOTE This rule applies to ONLY health and safety concerns and not mechanical failure.

25. Dropping of Litter on the course will absolutely not be tolerated and may result in DQ. Leave only tyre tracks!

26. The NO FUSS OFFICIALS (FRAZER, SPOOK ) will be given the final decision regarding any occurrence at the event including those not addressed in the rules.