Well done to everyone who took part in our first ever sportive, for results click here


It is with great anticipation that No Fuss and Glencoe Mountain Resort – the guys that brought Macavalanche to an unsuspecting world have teamed up again to bring you The Buachille Sportive – A challenging road bike sportive through Glencoe, round the shores of Loch Leven, Loch Linnhe, Loch Creran and Loch Awe before ascending the Black Mount and over Rannoch Moor back to Glencoe Mountain Resort.

The event will be held on open roads through spectacular wilderness with Alpine climbs fantastic seascapes and demonic descents! The routes have been planned to give the riders a safe passage around one of the most picturesque and varied routes in the Highlands. From the heights of the events iconic namesake Buachaille Etive Mhor to the Falls of Lora this route has it all!
There will be 2 routes The Buachaille Sportive Mhor ~ 170km long with 1600m of ascent and The Buachaille Sportive Beag ~ 140km long and 1280m of ascent .Two feed stations will cater for both routes the first at Appin/Cregan and the second in Dalmally.

 Buachaille Sportive Mhor Route Click Here
 Buachaille Sportive Beag Route Click Here

Registration is open from 08:00 to 09:30 at Glencoe Mounatin Resort with riders being allowed to start at any time between 08:30 and 10:00. This is normal for this type of Sportive. It allows you to just turn up, register and get on your way, hopefully avoiding big delays if we went for a mass start. There will however be a restriction on the number of riders setting off together. This is to avoid congestion on the open roads for the first part of the route.

Course Markings

The route will be clearly marked at junctions. Please ensure that you are familiar with the route. Marshals will be positioned at potentially hazardous junctions. Please ensure that you obey all road signs and other instructions and not just our event route markings. This event takes place on public roads and is subject to the Highway Code at ALL times. This is NOT a closed roads event.

Feed Stations

Two feed stations will be provided. The first at Appin/Creagan and the second station at Dalmally. The feed stations will carry cakes, flapjacks, bananas etc. and a supply of water.

Problems During The Ride

A limited "broom wagon" service will operate on the route. All riders should be self sufficient and be capable of dealing with minor mechanical and medical emergencies. A first aid service will be based at our event HQ at Glencoe Mountain Resort and there will be a mobile first aid unit on the route, which in the event of an emergency should be able to respond quickly. Also remember that our routes traverse some hilly and remote terrain and that mobile phone reception or immediate assistance should not be relied on in the event of problems.

What type of bike do I need to enter this event?
The event is intended for sports cyclists and therefore we would recommend entrants use a dedicated road bike. The use of triathlon handlebars or other bar extensions are not permitted in our events for safety reasons.

Sportive Rules and Regulations

1. By entering the event you acknowledge that you consider yourself fit to participate and complete the event selected.  If you have any doubts about your health or have any known medical conditions you should consult your GP and obtain appropriate medical approval before entering any 2012 No Fuss Events Sportive.

2. You acknowledge that participation in the 2012 No Fuss Events Sportive is entirely at your own risk and that the organisers cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage caused or sustained as a result of your participation.

3.  When participating in the 2012 No Fuss events Sportive participants agree to observe the Highway code at all times and follow the instruction of appointed event marshals and official as appropriate.

4.  All riders must display a number supplied by the organiser which should be clearly displayed on your bike or person.

5.  All riders will be responsible for the roadworthiness of their bike.  The use of tri bars or other bars are strictly forbidden for safety reasons.  All riders agree to submit their bike for a mechanical check at the request of the organiser.  The organiser reserves the right to withdraw any rider if there are any doubts regarding the roadworthiness of their bike.

6.  All riders must wear an approved Cycle Helmet.

7.  Participants understand and accept that this event is not a race but a personal challenge.  An alphabetical list of finishers and times will be published.

8.  All riders are advised to carry appropriate drinks, snacks, spare inner tubes/pump and suitable clothing for wet weather.  Riders are advised to carry ID detailing any pre existing medical condition.  A mobile phone is also advised in the event of an emergency although various locations on the routes may have poor signal or no signal at all.

9.  Riders will be set off in groups at the discretion of the event organisers and under the guidance of the local police authority.

10.  No Fuss marshals, helpers and support staff have no authority to stop traffic and are there for your safety, pay attention at all times and please obey there instructions.

11.  The event is being held on a public highway where the rights and responsibilities to other road users apply.  You are requested to ride in single file where appropropriate, to be aware of your fellow cyclists and other road users and to ride in a manner that is safe for you and all other road users.

12.  Detailed route information and maps will be available online but navigation during the event will be your own responsibility.

13.  All riders will be supplied with a route card and emergency phone numbers.

14.  There will be signage at junctions and marshals at all major junctions however the organiser cannot guarantee that the signs will not be obstructed, removed or interfered with, therefore the organiser recommends participants memorize the route.

15.  Food and drink will be provided at the designated feeding stations, however the organiser cannot guarantee supplies and strongly advises that you carry snacks and fluid.

16.  Mobile support vehicles in the form of cars or motorbikes are forbidden.  There will be mobile mechanical support on route.

17.  The event will take place regardless of weather conditions and will only be cancelled or the routes modified if in the opinion of the police or the event organiser an entrants reasonable saftely is at risk..  In the event of cancellation the entry fee is non-refundable.

18.  Course closure will be signaled be the passage of the broom wagon along the sportive route.  The broom wagon travelling on the designated route will depart from the start point 15min after the last departing group of cyclists and will travel round the course at 15mph.  Once the broom wagon passes through junctions any event signage will be removed and any marshals relieved and the course up to that point considered closed for participation in the sportive.

19.  The broom wagon will offer transport to cyclists unable to complete the sportive under their own means.

20.  In the unlikely event of cancellation no refund will be payable.

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.


1)  GB   2012 Challenge  -  Alison Hardman
2)  GB   In Flight  -  Katharine Forrest
3)  GB   Gemma Bruce  -  Gemma Bruce
4)  GB   Dawn  -  DAwn Buchanan
5)  GB   none  -  Ruth Briggs
6)  GB   Little Miss Dinkelpops  -  Deborah Carr
7)  GB   46 not out  -  Margaret-Anne MacArthur
8)  GB   Never trust a marshall  -  Sheena Marshall
9)  GB   None  -  Ruth Jeays
10)  GB   Shamrock Power  -  Egan Laura
11)  GB   Shamrock Power  -  Nicholson Lorraine
12)  GB   Johnny Hall  -  Johnny Hall
13)  GB   Buttercrambe Bandits  -  stuart duff
14)  GB   Big Sam  -  Sam Gardner
15)  GB   John Clarke  -  Clarke John
16)  GB   Mr T  -  Alan Tierney
17)  GB   I love it when a plan comes together!  -  Ian Cowe
18)  GB   ALITURK  -  Alastair Ness
19)  GB   Dave Mazzoni  -  Dave Mazzoni
20)  GB   ewanmac  -  Ewan  MacGillivray
21)  GB   Pelotodd  -  Andrew Todd
22)  GB   Team Todd  -  Iain Todd
23)  GB   No Team  -  simon hall
24)  GB   westport  -  alistair syme
25)  GB   nameless  -  Peter Berrie
26)  GB   Apache  -  Billy Muir
27)  GB   Apache  -  Stuart  Taylor
28)  GB   Velo club de Leith  -  Juan Salgueiro
29)  GB   Solo  -  George Pennel
30)  GB   Cairn Ban Velociraptors  -  Ian Collinson
31)  GB   No Chain  -  Colin Frame
32)  GB   Enjoy the Silence  -  Neil Moss
34)  GB   ythan cc   -  graham parley
35)  GB   Team Dangerous Dave  -  David Hay
36)  GB   Ythan CC  -  Graham Parley
37)  GB   Duffer  -  Stewart Eastaugh
38)  GB   goldie  -  john goldie
39)  GB   Glasgow Triathlon Club  -  Sean Webster
40)  GB   Ythan CC  -  Alan Bond
41)  GB     -  Duncan Ord
42)  GB     -  Neil Innes
43)  GB   Donnie Bruce  -  Donald Bruce
44)  GB   Alasdair Ireland  -  Alasdair Ireland
45)  GB   Chicks Dig It  -  Gordon Hawthorn
46)  GB   Chicks Dig It  -  Andrew Ward
47)  GB   Angus Bike Chain  -  Philip Walker
48)  GB   ERC  -  Nigel Carrick
49)  GB   betitrains  -  nigel levett
50)  GB   Team Rennie  -  Lindsay Rennie
51)  GB   In Flight Too  -  Anthony Moores
52)  GB   Solo  -  Stephen Hearns
53)  GB   Dougi and co.  -  Dougi Walker
54)  GB   The Helensburgh 1  -  Andrew Beveridge
55)  GB   Team McKee  -  Stewart McKee
56)  GB   Barry Stewart  -  Barry Stewart
57)  GB   Steve Docherty  -  Steve Docherty
58)  GB   None  -  Alastair Currie
59)  GB   Duffer  -  John  Orr
60)  GB   Cisco Wheelers  -  Steve Docherty
61)  GB   Cisco Wheelers  -  James MacDonald
62)  GB   No name  -  Paul Smith
63)  GB   Mike Seffers  -  Mike Seffers
64)  GB   Cisco Wheelers  -  Stephen Thomson
65)  GB   Hattoncrook Hoofers  -  Robin Derrick
66)  GB   Graeme Bruce  -  Graeme Bruce
67)  GB   Angus Bike Chain  -  Colin Douglas
68)  GB   Paul Innes  -  Paul Innes
69)  GB   ABC  -  Mike Milne
70)  GB   ABC  -  euan ritchie
71)  GB   Walkers Cycling Club  -  Davie Robb
72)  GB   Walkers Cycling Club  -  Davie Robb
73)  GB   Flying Felt  -  Nigel Rollason
74)  GB   Teem Reem  -  Jamie Nellany
75)  GB   Short & Curly  -  CRAIG BARRON
76)  GB   Team Reem  -  Frazer Smith
77)  GB   Nicholson's Cycles  -  COLIN MURRAY
78)  GB   First timer  -  Andy Cameron
79)  GB   elgin cycling club  -  philip hendry
80)  GB   Team Tonto  -  brian robinson
81)  GB   West Lothian Clarion  -  Ian Dempster
82)  GB   Auld Reekie Aussies  -  Paul McGuire
83)  GB   Walkers Cycling CC  -  Steve  Flindall
84)  GB   BBOB  -  Craig Thomson
85)  GB   Team BB  -  Steve Taylor
86)  GB   Team BB  -  Rod Cowe
87)  GB   Team BB  -  Tim Baker
88)  GB   RNRMCA  -  Jon Foden
89)  GB   *  -  Dave Bleazard
90)  GB   Worm Legs  -  Andrew Patience
91)  GB   Walkers cycling club  -  David Jamieson
92)  GB   Old moany git.  -  Joe Logan
93)  GB   Team awesome  -  John Macarthur
94)  GB   Team awesome  -  Scott Denny
95)  GB   Square Wheels  -  Hendry McNicol
96)  GB   Walkers Cycling Club  -  Steve Lockhart
97)  GB   Telefunken U47  -  Garry MacInnes
98)  GB   None  -  Martin Lugg
99)  GB   oetkb  -  david menzies
100)  GB   Andrew Sole  -  Andrew Sole
101)  GB   Colin Best  -  Colin Best
102)  GB   Kevin Mc Bride  -  Kevin Mc Bride
103)  GB   Nessies Jessies  -  Mike MacDonald
104)  GB   Pitmedden Pedalos  -  Gary Benzie
105)  GB   Teem Reem  -  Richie Kidd
106)  GB   Nessies Jessies  -  Stuart McIntosh
107)  GB   Team ECS Global  -  Richard Moir
108)  GB   Dunracin' CC  -  Jim McDade
109)  GB   Lochcarron  -  Ian Downie
110)  GB   CFCC  -  Alan Cook
111)  GB   N/A  -  Iain Roberts
112)  GB   Mountain Maniacs  -  Steve Gentle
113)  GB   Cisco Riders  -  Stephen Speirs
114)  GB   Must be Mad  -  Richard Quinn
115)  GB   Ythan cc  -  Mike Giles
116)  GB   lone wolf  -  Peter lindsay
117)  GB   Stephen Hogarth  -  Stephen Hogarth
118)  GB   MacGs  -  John MacGillivray
119)  GB   Pedal Power  -  Keith Mailer
120)  GB   Pedal Power RT  -  Neil Brown
121)  GB   1st Skene  -  Stephen  Cole
122)  GB   2Guids  -  Ewan Good
123)  GB   2Guids  -  Ewan Good
124)  GB   andy duff  -  andy duff
125)  GB   ATHelite Triathlon Club  -  Derek Stewart
126)  GB   Aardvark  -  marcus kenny
127)  GB   Paul Nightingale  -  Paul Nightingale
128)  GB   bat fastard wheelers  -  kenny mckenzie
129)  GB   bat fastard wheelers  -  Kingsley wood
130)  GB   bat fastard wheelers  -  kenny mckenzie
131)  GB   bat fastard wheelers  -  kingsley wood
132)  GB   ABC  -  Andrew  Kindness
133)  GB   ABC  -  Andrew Kindness
134)  GB   Ochil  -  jason graham
135)  GB   ABC  -  Mark Smith
136)  GB   Cookson Cycles  -  Chris Lever
137)  GB   MFCC  -  Alek Rozin
138)  GB     -  Al Grove
139)  GB   Conival  -  Calum Munro
140)  GB   Conival  -  Harriet  Munro