Dunoon Family Cycle

Times for the family cycle are HERE

The Dunoon Sportives  to be held in Dunoon on Sunday the 23rd of July 2017. 

The  rides starts from towns iconc pier in Dunnon, Dunoon is the main resort on the beautiful Cowal Peninsula and the maritime gateway to the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.

The family ride is predominantly flat ride along the coast towards Innellan before returning to Dunoon  and a short out and back  along the front of the town itself.  Its a  great opportunity to get out together, family bike rides are a great way to spend together, chat and enjoy the health benifits  and fill yer lungs with the pure west coast fresh air. After all we all grew up hearing people tell us to "go out and get some fresh air." Have you ever wondered if  fresh air is really as good for you as your mother always claimed? According to recent studies, the answer is a qualified yes, depending on the air quality in your area.  We believe that there is nowhere that will challenge the quality here in Dunoon and Argyll. Please note that families will enter as a family and that there is an expectation that they will ride as a family. The family cycle is a FREE event  and starts at Midday, please note that registration is open from 0800. Participants are encouraged to enter this event via the entry system on this page  this will make  registartion much easier, alternativly you can register on the day.


Tour of Ardentinny 50 KM

Dunoon  Sportive lite 84 KM

Dunoon Sportive  124 KM

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Family Ride Adult £0 per entry
Family Ride Under 16 £0 per entry

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An eclectic range of fully supported Sportive routes around Dunoon and  the Cowal Peninsula for cyclists of all abilities!

The  Sportive are a part of the ongoing introduction of high end outdoor sporting events in the Dunoon area, we are delighted to announce  the third  Road Cycling Sportives to be hosted in the area and to be an  part of the "West Best" Cycle Festival.

On Sunday 23th July Dunoon town centre will come alive as the start/finish point for what will be a spectacular sporting occasion when groups of cyclists will head off around the stunning roads on the Cowal Peninsula.

The routes offer stunning scenery, excellent road conditions including some of the smoothest tarmac in any location across the country. The Dunoon  Sportives have  challenges that every cyclist at any level will relish.

The event offers a comprehensive event infrastructure including full route signage, marshals at main junctions, electronic timing, food stops, shower facilities, first aid provision, technical support and  a broom wagon.

We really feel that you will want to make a weekend of it The Cowal Peninsula and the town of Dunoon offers loads to see and do.

Visit : www.dunoonpresents.co.uk   for ideas on activities and  accommodation.


Registration will be on Dunoon Pier from 8am until 10am.  Riders will be set of in small groups between 8.30am and 10.30am.

Family cycle will commence at 1200

This is normal on an open road sportive to prevent large groups cycling on the road.


Family Cycle  9 Miles  to view the map click  here

Tour of Ardentinny 50 KM to view map click here

Dunoon  Sportive lite 84 KM to view map click here

Dunoon Sportive  124 KM to view map click here

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

Family Ride Adult

1)  GB   Fast and Furious  -  Caroline  Whyte
2)  GB   albaRosa  -  Suzie Richards
3)  GB   McEvans  -  Alison McCrossan
4)  GB   Cowal Mountain Bike Club MLG  -  Allan Cameron
5)  GB   The MC doc  -  Michael Docherty
6)  GB   Wacky wilsons  -  Mark Wilson
7)  GB   albaRosa  -  Adam Connell
8)  GB   Fergie Time  -  Graham Piggot
9)  GB   FullGas  -  Enrique Castillo
10)  GB   The Findo Nagasakis  -  Joe McAlinden
11)  GB   The Biking Bells  -  Ian  Bell
12)  GB   The Biking Bells  -  Arran Bell
13)  GB   McEvans  -  Matthew Evans
14)  GB   McIntosh-James  -  Peter Mcintosh
15)  GB   McIntosh-James  -  Karen McIntosh
16)  GB   Atherton  -  David Atherton
17)  GB   Mac Mac & MiniMac  -  Alan McLaughlin
18)  GB   Mac Mac & MiniMac  -  Sara McLaughlin
19)  GB   Wacky Wilsons  -  Aileen Wilson
20)  GB   The Biking Bells  -  Gayle  Bell
21)  GB   The Quick learners  -  Anne Dunphy

Family Ride Under 16

22)  GB   The MC doc  -  Alicia Bell
23)  GB   Wacky Wilsons  -  Kitty Wilson
24)  GB   Fergie Time  -  Georgia Piggot
25)  GB   The Biking Bells  -  Jenny Wheeldon
26)  GB   McEvans  -  Niamh Evans
27)  GB   McEvans  -  Popaidh Evans
28)  GB   McIntosh-James   -  Annie McIntosh-James
29)  GB   Fast and Furious  -  James Cameron
30)  GB   Cowal Mountain Bike Club MLG  -  Thomas  Cameron
31)  GB   The MC doc  -  David  Hannah
32)  GB   The Findo Nagasakis  -  Isaac McAlinden
33)  GB   The Findo Nagasakis  -  Dylan McAlinden
34)  GB   McIntosh-James   -  Finlay McIntosh-James
35)  GB   The Quick Learners  -  Ryan  Dunphy
36)  GB   The MC doc  -  Hannah Mcgavin
37)  GB   Mac Mac & MiniMac  -  Aimée McLaughlin

Sportive Tour of Ardintinny

38)  GB   dougief  -  Dougie Fletcher

Dunoon Sportive Lite

39)  GB   Cowal Rider  -  Gwen Dalgleish
40)  GB   Cairns  -  Sara Cairns
41)  GB   Caroline Millar  -  Caroline Millar
42)  GB   Jeannie  -  Jean  Mclennan
43)  GB   Team Breeze  -  Hayley Robertson
44)  GB   Team Breeze  -  Leanne Richardson
45)  GB   Iain Stirling  -  Iain Stirling
46)  GB   Cairns  -  Gus Cairns
47)  GB   Cunning Stunts  -  graham cunning
48)  GB   Blue Streakers  -  Charlie Jones

Dunoon Sportive Full

49)  GB   Fifeing Eejit  -  Niall Wallace
50)  GB   Pelotoning  -  Ross Flatman
51)  GB   Pelotoning  -  Iain  Docwra
52)  GB   D Mac  -  David McIntosh
53)  GB   Handlebar Coaching  -  Paul Bailey
54)  GB   Team Dean  -  Dean Peter
55)  GB   Duncan  -  Euan Duncan
56)  GB   Bicycle Bill  -  Billy  wilson
57)  GB   Andy Baker  -  Andy Baker
58)  GB   KGO  -  Keith Oldroyd
59)  GB   NACC  -  Graeme McNee
60)  GB   cowal mountain bike club   -  stewart  Mcnee




1. By entering the event you acknowledge that you consider yourself fit to participate and complete the event selected. If you have any doubts about your health or have any known medical conditions you should consult your GP and obtain appropriate medical approval before entering any 2017 No Fuss Events Sportive.

2. You acknowledge that participation in the 2017 No Fuss Events Sportive is entirely at your own risk and that the organisers cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage caused or sustained as a result of your participation.

3. When participating in the 2017 No Fuss events Sportive participants agree to observe the Highway code at all times and follow the instruction of appointed event marshals and official as appropriate.

4. All riders must display a number supplied by the organiser which should be clearly displayed on your bike or person.

5. All riders will be responsible for the road worthiness of their bike. The use of tri bars or other bars are strictly forbidden for safety reasons. All riders agree to submit their bike for a mechanical check at the request of the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to withdraw any rider if there are any doubts regarding the roadworthiness of their bike.

6. All riders must wear an approved Cycle Helmet.

7. Participants understand and accept that this event is not a race but a personal challenge. An alphabetical list of finishers and times will be published.

8. All riders are advised to carry appropriate drinks, snacks, spare inner tubes/pump and suitable clothing for wet weather. Riders are advised to carry ID detailing any pre existing medical condition. A mobile phone is also advised in the event of an emergency although various locations on the routes may have poor signal or no signal at all.

9. Riders will be set off in groups at the discretion of the event organisers and under the guidance of the local police authority.

10. No Fuss marshals, helpers and support staff have no authority to stop traffic and are there for your safety, pay attention at all times and please obey there instructions.

11. The event is being held on a public highway where the rights and responsibilities to other road users apply. You are requested to ride in single file where appropropriate, to be aware of your fellow cyclists and other road users and to ride in a manner that is safe for you and all other road users.

12. Detailed route information and maps will be available online but navigation during the event will be your own responsibility.

13. All riders will be supplied with a route card and emergency phone numbers.

14. There will be signage at junctions and marshals at all major junctions however the organiser cannot guarantee that the signs will not be obstructed, removed or interfered with, therefore the organiser recommends participants memorize the route.

15. Food and drink will be provided at the designated feeding stations, however the organiser cannot guarantee supplies and strongly advises that you carry snacks and fluid.

16. Mobile support vehicles in the form of cars or motorbikes are forbidden. There will be mobile mechanical support on route.

17. The event will take place regardless of weather conditions and will only be cancelled or the routes modified if in the opinion of the police or the event organiser an entrants reasonable saftely is at risk.. In the event of cancellation the entry fee is non-refundable.

18. Course closure will be signaled be the passage of the broom wagon along the sportive route. The broom wagon travelling on the designated route will depart from the start point 15min after the last departing group of cyclists and will travel round the course at 15mph. Once the broom wagon passes through junctions any event signage will be removed and any marshals relieved and the course up to that point considered closed for participation in the sportive.

19. The broom wagon will offer transport to cyclists unable to complete the sportive under their own means.

20. In the unlikely event of cancellation no refund will be payable.