please Note entries are now closed. If you would like a late entry please conatct us on e mail we may take entries on the day

The Dunoon Presents Triathlon is an entry level  event that encourages participation  of any fitness and ability.

Participant can enter as individuals,  or 3 person teams.  

With a 400m swim, a 22km cycle and a  6km run/walk it is designed to encourage the ‘have a go’ philosophy and participation will be made up of all ages and fitness levels.

This will be the second  year running the event with participants heading to the Dunoon from far and wide to soak up the atmosphere and achieve their goals and enjoy an introduction to multisport and triathlon.

The Dunoon Presents Triathlon is a pool-based triathlon involving a 400m swim, 22km Road  bike ride on the coastal road towards Innellan. Finished of with a pleasant out and back 6km run.

This is a perfect and very doable triathlon aimed at beginners and those who are looking for something to keep themselves  motivated and fit. The Dunoon Presents Triathlon has only one ‘quick’ transition, between the bike and run, so is even more suited to those just starting out on multi-sport as you get a rest between your swim and cycle!

The aim is to encourage everyone to experience the wonderful world of triathlon and make it fun and rewarding for all competitors. Wether a seasoned triathlete or a first time beginner this race will have something for  you.

Although the thought of it may be terrifying a triathlon needn’t be! If this is your first triathlon. Then we think you will love this format to ease you into the world of multi sport events.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dunoon for the first No Fuss Event, Dunoon Presents Triathlon.


The event is based from Dunoon Pier, there is plenty parking around the town centre. Please note participants are requested to put bikes in the transition on the peir before  registration. . Once registered  then participants can make their way to the Riverside Pool across from the peir.


400m pool swim -  Swim starts 0830 . The swim will be on a first come first start basis. The swim will take place at the Riverside Pool

You will use your timing chip to start and stop your swim time. The transition from swim to bike will NOT be timed!

Road Cycle

After you have changed into bike clothing make your way to the  transition  area and the start of the cycle. .

The bike section will be open from 1000 , you will use your timing chip to start your bike time.
The bike section is approximately 22km  of road cycling.  The route is on tarred road. Road bikes, Mountain, hybrid and cyclocross bikes are all suitable. There is no technical riding and the flat nature of the course will inevitably see some  fast times.

You will finish your bike section entering  transition on the Pier, this 2nd transition will be timed.


You will start your run immediately after you have racked your bike in transition.


Transition Opens 0700

Registration Open from 0730

Pool Open from 0800

Swim Starts 0830

Cycle leg starts 1000 onwards.

Last finisher approximately 1330

Prize giving in transition area 1400

Prize giving will be held as soon as possible after last finisherat the main pier.


400M  Swim  (16 lengths of pool Riverside Pool)

Route details to follow shortly!


Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.


1)  GB-SCT   Mittens Mountaineers  -  Kimberley  Stainfield
2)  GB-SCT   Wee Jinky  -  FIona Wallace
3)  GB   Call me Al's Wee Al  -  Alison  MacVicar
4)  GB-SCT   Hairy Haggis  -  Morag Webster
5)  GB-SCT   Yaldi  -  Anne Widdop
6)  GB-SCT   Karen Hogg  -  Karen  Hogg
7)  GB-SCT   Lucy Brien   -  Lucy Brien
8)  GB-SCT   And in last place is....  -  Laura Mackay
9)  GB-SCT   LouBee  -  Louise Brookes
10)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club  -  Sara Cairns
11)  GB-SCT   Dunoon Hill Runners  -  Jean  Mclennan
12)  GB-SCT   STC  -  Paula McColl
13)  GB-SCT   Anne Smart  -  Anne Smart
14)  GB-SCT   Just keep swimming!!  -  Kim Collier
15)  GB   Dunoon Hill Runners  -  Catriona MacIntyre
16)  GB-SCT   Ashley Bichard  -  Ashley Bichard
17)  GB-SCT   Dunoon Hill Runners  -  Lucie Noakes
18)  GB-SCT   me and my son  -  Nina Robertson
19)  GB-SCT   Hazel ward  -  Hazel Ward
20)  GB-SCT   Kirsty McKechnie  -  Kirsty McKechnie
21)  GB-SCT   In Rust We Trust  -  Alan McCulloch
22)  GB-SCT   Gordie   -  Hugh McKechnie
23)  GB-SCT   me  -  kevin nairn
24)  GB-SCT   Mittens Mountaineers  -  Graeme  Majury
25)  GB-SCT   Midlife Trisis  -  James Sawyer
26)  GB   D J Barr  -  D J Barr
27)  GB   Call me Al  -  Alexander  MacVicar
28)  GB-SCT   CMTB / DHR  -  Christopher  Moss
29)  GB-SCT   Just meNone  -  Martin  Allison
30)  GB-SCT   SPRA Triathlon  -  Iain Gray
31)  GB-SCT   Gregor MacNaughton  -  Gregor MacNaughton
32)  GB-SCT   CMBC & DHR  -  Ross Morley-Trapnell
33)  GB-SCT   CMBC  -  David Love
34)  GB-SCT   David Smart  -  David Smart
35)  GB-SCT   N/A  -  Calum Ross
36)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club  -  Calum macleod
37)  GB-SCT   Hairy haggis  -  Stuart Webster
38)  GB-ENG   Lanterne Rouge  -  Paul Flynn
39)  GB-SCT   Me and my mum  -  Ryan Robertson
40)  IE   Conor Ryan  -  Conor Ryan
41)  GB-SCT   Steve Russell  -  Steve Russell
42)  GB-SCT   Alba Gu Brath  -  Stephen Collins
43)  GB   Under the Influence  -  Aidan Quinlan
44)  GB-SCT   Tom Isaacs  -  tom  isaacs
45)  GB-SCT   Ally McEwan  -  Ally Mcewan
46)  GB-SCT   Craig Hogg Ltc  -  Craig Hogg
47)  GB-SCT   Charlie The old coffin dodger at the back  -  Charlie Collins
48)  GB-SCT   Shaun the Prawn  -  Shaun Wiseman
49)  GB   I.S. Cocoa  -  Matthew  Rate
50)  GB-SCT   Dougie Orr  -  Dougie Orr
51)  GB-SCT   Brolly  -  Damien Brolly
52)  GB-SCT   Team dangerous  -  Brian logan
53)  GB-SCT   Team dangerous  -  darragh logan
54)  GB-SCT   Lewis Hancock  -  Lewis Hancock
55)  GB-NIR   Greenock Harriers  -  Matthew Young
56)  GB-SCT   Mark Morrison  -  Mark Morrison
57)  GB-SCT   Rockhard MBC  -  Gordon Dickson
58)  GB-SCT   Dunoon Hill Runners  -  Bryan Fitzpatrick


59)  GB-SCT   Tequila Chiquitas   -  Charmaine  Russell
60)  GB-SCT   Tequila Chiquitas   -  Monika Boyd
61)  GB-SCT   Tequila Chiquitas   -  Carli  Butler
62)  GB-SCT   Just Team Collins  -  Sabrina  Brolly
63)  GB-SCT   Just Team Collins  -  Claire Macleod
64)  GB-SCT   Just Team Collins  -  Jemma Collins
65)  GB-SCT   Zooming Zebras  -  Cliona McCheyne
66)  GB-SCT   Zooming Zebras  -  Leah Collins
67)  GB-SCT   Zooming Zebras  -  Nuala McCheyne
68)  GB-SCT   2 and half ladies  -  Kayleigh leanne  Hartley watson
69)  GB-SCT   2 and half ladies  -  Fiona Margaret  Watson
70)  GB-SCT   2 and half ladies  -  Marion Mcmillan
71)  GB-SCT   The A Team  -  Emma  Whitton
72)  GB-SCT   The A Team  -  Kate  Taylor
73)  GB-SCT   The A Team  -  Rebecca Brannan
74)  GB-SCT   Mad Matt and Ali Bali  -  Matt Evans
75)  GB-SCT   Mad Matt and Ali Bali  -  Ali McCrossan
76)  GB-SCT   Mad Matt and Ali Bali  -  Sandra Wilson
77)  GB-SCT   straight off the sofa  -  Greg Dadiak
78)  GB-SCT   straight off the sofa  -  Sharon Blackwell
79)  GB-SCT   straight off the sofa  -  malcolm blackwell
80)  GB-SCT   and the winner is.................a different team  -  Darren Brown
81)  GB-SCT   and the winner is.................a different team  -  rebecca mcnicol
82)  GB-SCT   and the winner is.................a different team  -  William  Brown
83)  GB-SCT   Tri-Team  -  Alistair Gibson
84)  GB-SCT   Tri-Team  -  Niamh Doherty
85)  GB-SCT   Tri-Team  -  Alan Mollins