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The Fort William highland Warrior 70.3 Triathlon has the potential to become a legendary race within the triathlon community. Based in the Old Fort and passing the Commando Memorial, Prince Charlie’s Monument and through the mythical Glen where Braveheart and Rob Roy were filmed.

Fort William is the OCUK and is the perfect stage for international sporting and cultural events. It is already a world class events destination, the town has demonstrated it’s ability to host events that include The Mountain Bike World Cups and World Championships, The Adventure Race World Championships, the Fort William Mountain Festival, The Scottish Six Day Trials and the National MOD.

The swim venue has successfully hosted four Big Ben Nevis Triathlons and works well, with participants leaving the water and making the short transit to T1 in the Old Fort that gives the iconic town its name.

It is going to require a fighting spirit as the participants in the Highland Warrior Triathlon embark on a classical cycle route travelling north on the A82 through the great glen towards the Commando Memorial just beyond Sean Bridge. At the memorial turn left onto the B8004 to Banavie, where the route then heads west on the A830 for a long fast run to Glenfinnan Monument where Bonnie Prince Charlie gathered the clans for the Jacobite up rising in 1745. The return leg towards Fort William before the final treat a return route to the Lower falls in Glen Nevis. Where movies from Highlander, Braveheart and Rob Roy have all had locations And return to Transition.

The run section of the event will see runners head north from Fort William on the cycle path that was built for the mountain Bike World Championships in 2007 to Nevis range and a short forestry loop return to the Fort to finish.

If you are thinking of taking part in 2010, don’t wait, get your entry in now Why do we think that this event is going to be popular? Simple, you do not need to race to understand that the Outdoor capital is the best place for people to enjoy the outdoors in the UK; the area is used to welcoming sporting events and understands the need of participant support crews and spectators. No Fuss Events the hosts have a fantastic portfolio built up over the last five years, with over 60% returning customers in 2009 there is a clear indication that customer satisfaction is good and events are interesting enough to warrant a return. We continue to care and ensure that we concentrate on the small details that we think make all the difference to our participants.

Whilst closely related in distance to what are commonly referred to as half Ironman or a middle distance triathlon, the Fort William 70 .3 is absolutely none of the above, Why ? Its simple this race is neither common and its certainly not half of anything. No Fuss well , we just do not do middleing. This is a full on tough race that will push even the toughest of the longer distance triathletes to the limit.
You will need to be in good shape to finish it.


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Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

Solo Entry

1)  GB   Fusion Triathlon Club  -  Kelly van der Toorn
2)  GB   trottettes  -  lisa gamble
3)  GB   Fusion Triathlon Club  -  Lynsay Falconer
4)  GB   Team Sooz  -  Susan Gray
5)  GB   Monifieth Tri Club  -  julia egan
6)  GB   Dean Jennings  -  Dean  Jennings
7)  GB   Planta Bah Ha  -  Paul Weatherburn
8)  GB   Ian Cadman  -  Ian Cadman
9)  GB   Iain Drummond  -  Iain Drummond
10)  GB   Iain Drummond  -  Iain Drummond
11)  GB   haggwors  -  Bradley Carroll
12)  GB   Laser Tri  -  Rupert Dickinson
13)  GB   Iain Drummond  -  Iain Drummond
14)  GB   Mike Bond  -  Mike Bond
15)  GB   Stevie boy  -  Stephen McIntyre
16)  GB   He made me do it  -  Philip Cooper
17)  GB   He made me do it  -  Jon Moseling
18)  GB   Monifieth Tri club  -  Marc Smith
19)  GB   Monifieth Tri Club  -  Alistair Lauchlan
20)  GB   I was drunk when I entered...  -  Adam Maltby
21)  GB   Reids Tri Extravaganza  -  Reid Cunningham
22)  GB   Robert  -  Robert Moorehead-Lane
23)  GB   Solo  -  Gregor Grant
24)  GB   wild spirit  -  craig nobes
25)  GB   fatboy  -  gavin thomas
26)  GB   one   -  paul mcginlay
27)  GB   wicktriathlonclub  -  robin aitken
28)  GB   Athletes foot  -  Gavin Love
29)  GB   Jamie Tallent  -  Jamie Tallent