See what we did there?

We introduced the Intro - (en)duro format to our portfolio in 2019.
The race style  follows the “Mash Up” format and judging by riders feedback and reaction to the race in 2019.  We feel certain you will love it again in 2020. If you think you might like some enduro action in 2020 then please come and join us at Nevis Range the ideal way ti Intro (en)duro.

We believe that we have now reached that stage where the popularity of the Scottish Enduro Series is almost becoming a barrier to those who wish to stick their toe into the the enduro pool and give it a go.

One of the most frequent questions we get is;   Do you think I am ready? I have...........
We want everyone to have a go, you will love it. This is a terrific format, come along, join in and enjoy there really is no pressure.

Thats is why we believe that this  race format is perfect,  practice, throw down a race run, if you have the dreaded mechanical or you think you could have gone faster, no problem, go and throw down another race run, it is your fastest run that will count  towards your results at the end of the day.

It is a one day format and we will allocate you five hours to ride the stages as many times as you need to nail that crucial  race run. The beutiful thing is that each of the stages will end near the Pinemartin Cafe where you can refresh , relax  and fuel up for the next run.

NEW for 2020 is the EBike category; racing the same three stages plus one stage that will be predominatley climbing.
The event will be  taped and marked like all enduro events, with sportident dibber timing, marshals and muddy  medics onsite throughout  race day.

Choose your entry

Ticket type Price per Ticket How many?
E Solo Intro (en)duro £45 per entry
Junior U18 Male £45 per entry
Junior U21 Male £45 per entry
Junior U16 Female £45 per entry
Junior U21 Female £45 per entry
Sen Male £45 per entry
Sen Female £45 per entry
Master Male £45 per entry
Vet Male £45 per entry
Master Female £45 per entry
Grand Vet £45 per entry
Super Grand Vet £45 per entry
Hardtail Men £45 per entry
Hardtail Women £45 per entry

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Here are some important details of how it is going to work.

1 There will be three Stages (not to gnarly)  four if you are on an (E bike) using the fantastic selection of trails at NevisRange

2 Riders will be set of in four waves. 1000, 1015, 1030 and 1100.

3 Riders have 20 time stamps and each stage equals two stamps,  riders must complete all three (four if on an ebike) stages once, if riders chose to do multiple  runs on a stage then the riders  fastest time on the stage is the one that counts. Please note that riders can practice each stage without using a time stamp. Please be aware  other riders on the stage may be on timed runs.

4 Riders must return their timing chip within  5 hours of their start wave.

We think that this format is going to be pretty exciting, for those who have never ridden enduro before this is an ideal Intro(en)duro (see what I did there).

Please note we will be marking stages on Saturday, whilst we actively discourage practicing we realise we cannot stop you riding the trails. we therefore request that you have a heightened awareness of others who may be working on the trails on Saturday.

General Information

The number of participants in every event will be fixed in advance and will be communicated via this website.
Intro (enduro) is open to all riders over the age 14 on the 1st of January 2020. 

Please read these rules, ride hard and have fun!

Enduro Categories

Junior Male:  must be at least 14 on January the first 2020. if a rider becomes 22 in 2020 then they must be classed as a senior
Junior Female: must be at least 14 on January the first 2020,  if a junior female becomes 22 in 2020 then they must be classed as senior female.   

Junior U18  Male must be 14 on 1st Jan 2020

Junior U21 Male must be 14 on Jan 1st 2020

Junior U16 Female must be  14 on January 1st 2020

Junior U 21 Female must be 17on January 1st 2020

Sen Male: must be 18 on the 1st of January 2020

Sen Female:  must 21 on the 1st of January 2020

Master Male: must be 29 on the 1st of January 2020

Vet Male: must be 39 on the 1st of January 2020

Master Female: must 35 on the 1st of January 2020

Grand Vet: must be 49 on the 1st of January 2020

Super grand Vet: must be 59 on the 1st of January 2020

Hardtail Men

If there are less than five in any category  then the category will be absorbed into the category below or above as appropriate.


Course map  will be distributed on the week leading into the event.

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

E Solo Intro (en)duro

1)  GB-SCT   eguide Scotland  -  Tony Yule
2)  GB   Mukyriderz  -  Gav Pitts

Junior U18 Male

3)  GB-SCT   McLaren MTB  -  Dan Sandals

Sen Male

4)  GB   MMBC  -  Callum Hay
5)  GB-SCT   Arawn   -  andy buchanan
6)  GB-SCT   Arawn  -  Lewis Taylor
7)  GB   ScottCam  -  Scott Cameron

Sen Female

8)  GB-SCT   Jo Cranston  -  Joanne Cranston

Master Male

9)  GB-SCT   SWAK  -  Wayne Nakedman
10)  GB-SCT   Bike buddies  -  Stephen Miller
11)  GB-SCT   Good coffee cartel   -  Tom Jenkins
12)  GB   Beards on bikes  -  Alasdair Bain
13)  GB-SCT   Maddos   -  David Burns
14)  GB-SCT   Simpson  -  Andrew simpson
15)  GB-SCT   Kennedy  -  David Kennedy
16)  GB-SCT   Martyn   -  Martyn Lambie
17)  GB-SCT   George Kennedy  -  George Kennedy
18)  GB-SCT   Bike buddies  -  Robert Taylor
19)  GB-SCT   Team Banks   -  Mikey Banks
20)  GB   Matthew Broadbent  -  Matthew Broadbent
21)  GB-SCT   FM  -  Fraser  Mackie

Vet Male

22)  GB-SCT   Mighty Cycles  -  Robert Murray
23)  GB-SCT   B.A.D.  -  Stephen Haining
24)  GB-SCT   B.A.D.  -  David Mullin
25)  GB-SCT   Ginger_Winger   -  Ewan Paterson
26)  GB-SCT   Brian Morren  -  Brian Morren
27)  GB-SCT   Sqeeky dooks  -  Graeme  Allen
28)  GB-SCT   Paul Thomas  -  Paul Thomas
29)  GB-ENG   Ooh eck  -  Simon Pickford
30)  GB-SCT   Wayne  -  Wayne Browne
31)  GB   Alweld24  -  Allan Campbell
32)  GB-SCT   Lanterne De La Mort  -  Brian Mackie
33)  GB-SCT   Rig111  -  James Erith
34)  GB-SCT   The Loam Rangers   -  Sean  Guild
35)  GB   Forres flyers  -  ross mckerron

Master Female

36)  GB-SCT   Dirt Vixens   -  Tracy  Munro
37)  GB-SCT   Alison Wilson  -  Alison Wilson
38)  GB-SCT   Dirt Vixens  -  Rosie Fletcher
39)  GB-SCT   McLaren High School MTB Club  -  Helen Gorman
40)  GB-SCT   Dirt Vixens  -  Donna Stewart
41)  GB-SCT   Restless Natives  -  Paula Wilkie
42)  GB-SCT   JM Richards Cycles   -  Paula  Richards
43)  GB-SCT   Forres Flyers  -  Rachael  Thomas
44)  GB   Lizzy Thomson  -  Lizzy Thomson
45)  GB-SCT   SQUAD  -  Matthew Cherie

Grand Vet

46)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club  -  Maxine Morley-Trapnell
47)  GB-SCT   Dirt Vixens  -  Fiona Barrett
48)  GB-SCT   Sqeeky dooks  -  Lesley  McKenzie
49)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club  -  Ross Morley-Trapnell
50)  GB-SCT   Team ODZ  -  Martin Aawalker
51)  GB-SCT   The Red Fochs  -  Mark Smith
52)  GB-SCT   SBC Collective  -  Colin Chisholm
53)  GB-SCT   Disgruntaled Vet  -  iain Hay
54)  GB   Lanterne De La Mort  -  Neil Murray
55)  GB-SCT   Lanterne De La Mort  -  Alistair OBrien
56)  GB-SCT   TeamRideIt   -  Steven Bowie
57)  GB-SCT   crc  -  Callum Cranston
58)  GB-SCT   Martin George  -  Martin George
59)  GB-SCT   Cruachan II  -  Graeme Mclennan

Super Grand Vet

60)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club Jeannie   -  Jean  Mclennan
61)  GB-SCT   Beards on Bikes  -  Peter Bain
62)  GB-SCT   Highland Trail Riders  -  Kenny Milne

Hardtail Men

63)  GB-SCT   Black Isle Moutain Bike Club  -  Mick Park
64)  GB   Andy Hulse  -  Andrew Hulse

Hardtail Women

65)  GB-SCT   Dirt Vixens  -  Claire McMullen
66)  PL   Art Monkey  -  Karolina Jacobsson



1. Mandatory pre-event meeting at 0945 on Sunday for all,  all riders and crew are encouraged to attend.

2. Each  solo rider will bear reasonability for their timing chip (dibber). In order for stages to count riders must pass through the start and finish gates. Riders are responsible for their own dibs.

3. Waiting riders should always check in with stage officials prior to starting their stage. Please adhere to the instructions from event staff.

4. Please note  stages are live from 1000, even if you are on a practice run others may be on a race run.

5. Wearing a buckled helmet is mandatory anytime you are on your bike.

6. Ignorance of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse.

7. Foul riding will not be tolerated, unsportsmanlike behaviour is totally unacceptable. This includes the use of profane or abusive language, this rule is taken very seriously by No Fuss and anyone who violates this rule shall be disqualified from this and any future No Fuss events.

8. Shortcutting the course can be grounds for automatic disqualification of any rider or  team. If a rider makes a mistake and they report to officials before it is discovered, a time adjustment will be applied rather than a DQ.

9.  Where practicable riders pushing or walking for whatever reason  should stay on the least rideable portion of the course when being passed. Riders are encouraged to call pleasantly “passing on the right or left” as appropriate.

10. All protests must be made by a team captain to a No Fuss Official ( Frazer, or Spook) Protests can be made throughout the event and up to 15 mins after the final results are posted. It would be appreciated if any protests could be made respectfully to the officials. No Fuss officials say is final in all protests.

11. Safety on the course is our primary concern. If you come across an injured or a potentially unsafe situation, you are encouraged to stop and assist. If you stop to give assistance for a health and safety related reason, you should report your number to a passing number who will turn it in to an  official. You must then complete your lap and report to the transition official and report the nature of the assistance you provided and an approximate duration of your stop. You will be assigned a stage time. NB Time adjustments are made by a No Fuss official and are final. NOTE This rule applies to ONLY health and safety concerns and not mechanical failure.

22. The NO FUSS OFFICIALS ( FRAZER and SPOOK) will be given the final decision regarding any occurrence at the event including those not addressed in the rules