Welcome to the Marathon de Ben Nevis

Mountain Ultra Run

 The Marathon de Ben Nevis was recognised by the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc® as a points qualifying race in 2015 and we are hoping that this will be the case for 2016 again. The Marathon has been registered with the International Trail Running Association and is currently being assessed to become a points awarding race.  We'll keep you updated with how this goes.

Welcome to No Fuss Event’s ultimate mountain running event for endurance athletes and people with a sense of adventure.  The Marathon de Ben Nevis is the race that will take participants on a magnificant journey circumnavigating Ben Nevis starting from Fort William the Outdoor Capital of the UK.

The race was first hosted in 2015 and proved to be  a huge success, we have listned  to comments from the participants and we feel sure that the minor tweaks required have been addressed and cannot wait to host this magnificent race again in 2016.


The event is a tough 64KM  journey of discovery, about enjoying and experiencing our wonderful environment and about finding out about yourself. It is an opportunity to travel through some of the most rugged and isolated areas that the Scottish Highlands has to offer. The course is undulating and varied with river and stream crossings, sustained climbs, long descents and soul searching splendid isolation.

However, we stress this is more of an event than a race (there is a cut of time of 12 hours to compete the route, however). Those that are super fit and want to race hard will not be disappointed, we know the route will test you. Those who see this as a major personal challenge will be able to pace themselves and enjoy the adventure and wilderness of this remote area.

The course will not be littered with signage and support people, it will be left as untouched as possible to allow you to enjoy this environment in its natural state. With this comes some personal responsibility, which is a big part of the event ethos. We are taking the bubblewrapping away and letting you take on this event knowing that you will need motivation and tenacity to get to the finish line.


Registration will be held on Friday the 23rd September at Cotswold Camping, 102 High Street, Fort William, PH33 6DG from 18.00 until 21.00.  If you cannot make it to that, we will be doing registration on Saturday morning before the race.  This will be from  5 00am until 5 30am - this is a strict cut off time to ensure we get everyone set up and 'dibbed in' for a prompt race start at  6am.


At the registration you will receive:

• Race briefing, safety information and the latest course changes / information. This will include the confirmation of check in points and  Feed stations.

• Your personal race number and pins to attach your number . The number must be attached securely  for the entire event. Do not alter or cut the number plate in any way.

• Timing chip – timing chips MUST be returned after the race.  Please don’t forget as that little piece of plastic is very expensive to replace -there will be a £20 charge if the timing chip is not returned. NB All participants must check in at all dibber stations this is for your safety.


Fort William is located on the A82 approximately 100 miles north of Glasgow.

From the South

As you enter Fort William from the South, the West End car park is left off the first roundabout.

 From the North

Continue on the A82 and along the town bypass to the West End roundabout.  Take a right into the West End car park.  Cotswolds is just a short walk along the High Street.


On Saturday morning, in the first instance please leave your car at your hotel/accommodation if possible (1 more kilometre won’t hurt, at least not in the morning!)  Or if you have to drive, please DO NOT park at the Nevis Centre ; likewise competitors are encouraged NOT  to park in Morrison’s Car Park for the duration of the event. 


This event takes place in one of the most scenic areas of Scotland and Fort William will hopefully provide you with everything and more that you will need for your stay. For full area information  check www.outdoorcapital.co.uk

If we can assist please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safety and First Aid

First aid will be provided out on the course at Feed Stations 2 & 4 .  Muddy Medics  will be providing cover at the transition and will have mobile trained First aiders out on the  course throughout the event.

There will be a dibbing station at each feed stop. At each food stop you will be required to place your timing chip on the station. This will enable splits to be produced for the results BUT more importantly it will tell us exactly when you were at that feed station in case of emergency.

Minimum gear requirements are:

  • Day sack or equivilent
  • Full waterproof body cover including hat and gloves
  • Long trousers/tights
  • Survival Blanket
  • Head Torch/spare batteries
  • OS Map of route or download
  • Compass/ GPS
  • Mobile Phone
  • Whistle
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Personal emergency rations (2 chocolate/cereal bars min)


Provisional 2016 Route HERE

There will be 6 Feed Stations on the course

Feed Station 1 - Blarmafoldach / WHW Junction

Feed Station 2 - Mamore Lodge

Feed Station 3 - Luibeilt

Feed Station 4 - Lairig Bothy

Feed Station 5 - Corriechoille Junction

Feed Station 6 - Nevis Range

Click here to download the .gpx file.

Email [email protected] for a .gpx file of the event.  You can also click the following link to have a look at Trace de Trail

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.

Mountain Run Solo

1)  GB   Gloucester AC  -  den evans
2)  GB   Gloucester AC  -  Susan  Higgins
3)  GB   Sharon Hassan   -  Sharon  Hassan
4)  GB   FCRC   -  Sharon  Gwynn
5)  GB   FCRC  -  Sarah Beattie
6)  GB   DCC  -  jennifer rees-jenkins
7)  GB   Donside Chainsaw Club  -  Corri Black
8)  GB   MCR-AM  -  amanda holloway
9)  GB   Andoverandover again  -  Fay Bromilow
10)  GB   Over Andover again  -  Fay Bromilow
11)  GB   Margaret Bryant  -  Margaret Bryant
12)  GB   Moira Collins  -  Moira Collins
13)  GB   Docherty  -  David Lloyd
14)  GB   Run Watson Run  -  Shauney Watson
15)  GB   AAAC  -  melanie angus
16)  GB   Global Odyssey  -  Audrey McIntosh
17)  GB   Fareham Crusaders  -  Sally Beves
18)  GB   Wee Plum  -  Debbie Reynolds
19)  GB   Clean B!  -  Sara Byrne
20)  GB   VP  -  Victoria  Presly
21)  GB   Spider monkeys  -  Scott Hewitt
22)  GB   Spider Monkeys  -  Michael Miller
23)  GB   Hemlock  -  Neil Carr
24)  GB   Spider Monkeys  -  Philip Milne
25)  GB   Belmont Harriers RC  -  Arwel Williams
26)  GB   FCRC  -  Simon Hanson
27)  GB   FCRC  -  Aaron Sutton
28)  GB   FCRC  -  Matthew Trend
29)  GB   MGIM Running  -  Kris Frampton
30)  GB   Team JRJ  -  David Scott
31)  GB   FoxyAdventures  -  Jason Fox
32)  GB   Team Andy Solo!  -  Andrew Brunton
33)  GB   Over Andover again  -  Jade Rolfe
34)  GB   Blue Army  -  David Edwards
35)  GB   Ecodyn  -  Keir Allen
36)  GB   Ritchies Dream Team  -  Richard Armstrong
37)  GB   Alytrail  -  Leigh Allinson
38)  GB   Beto  -  Luis  Minguez
39)  GB   Ecodyn  -  Henrik  Micski
40)  GB   Gnome Your Limits  -  jonathon mcdonald
41)  GB   Danny G  -  Daniel Gainsford
42)  GB   There is only an   -  Rowan Brown
43)  GB   clayton brothers  -  jonathan clayton
44)  GB   clayton brothers  -  matthew clayton
45)  GB   Mad Scotty  -  scott monair
46)  GB   Mad tam  -  Tam Shannon
47)  GB   Knowle and Dorridge Running Club  -  Phil Elwell
48)  GB   Linlithgow AC  -  Gerry McArdle
49)  GB   Aboyne Nomads  -  Gervais Alkins
50)  GB   No team just me  -  Mark Robertson
51)  GB   You-Can-Training  -  Graham Coull
52)  GB   Andy Marshall  -  Andy Marshall
53)  GB   Peterhead Athletics Club  -  Neil MacRitchie
54)  GB   Chris&Liam  -  Chris Forster
55)  GB   Ultra Ibex  -  Liam Brotchie
56)  GB   Mad Man  -  Andrew Kirk
57)  GB   TCF  -  Max Granger
58)  GB   TCF  -  Max Granger
59)  GB   TCF  -  Lear Robertson
60)  GB   Connolly  -  michael connolly
61)  GB   TCF  -  Mike Staddon
62)  GB   Just me  -  Gary Larman
63)  GB   #breakthepain  -  Colin Jamieson
64)  GB   Solo  -  Simon Butt
65)  GB   Get Active Running  -  Charlie Lees
66)  GB   Round the Bend  -  George Chalmers
67)  GB   Tinto  -  Chris Huntley
68)  GB   Party All The Time  -  Christopher Thurn
69)  GB   Party All The Time  -  Stephanie Westwood
70)  GB   Party All The Time  -  Katharine Baxter
71)  GB   Party All The Time  -  Harriet Woolley


1. The full marked course must be followed - If you get into difficulty off the course rescue WILL  be more difficult and take MUCH longer.

2. Please obey marshals/first aiders instructions.

3. All safety equipment must be carried at all times.

4. You must 'dib' your timing chip at each feed station.

5. If you find another competitor in difficulty it is your duty to assist the causalty.

6. Please do not drop any litter or equipment.

7. If you decide to retire you MUST report to the nearest marshal who will assist you to safety.