Welcome to the No Fuss Ultimate MTB challenge for endurance athletes and people with a sense of adventure. Now a mainstay of the No Fuss calendar the Tour de Ben Nevis in 2018 stays true to its word of ‘bringing mountain biking back to the mountains.’ A 72km circumnavigation of Ben Nevis from Fort William, the Outdoor Capital of the UK. This is one of the country’s longest point-to-point events; an MTB endurance, enduro and mountain marathon event all rolled into one. 

We must stress this is more of an event than a race. Those that are super fit and want to race hard will not be disappointed and the 4 special timed sections will spice it up a bit and really bring out the competitors from within however those who see this as a major personal challenge will be able to pace themselves and enjoy the adventure and wilderness of this remote area.

The course will not be littered with signage and support people, it will be left as untouched as possible to allow you to enjoy this environment in its natural state. With this comes some personal responsibility, which is a big part of the event ethos. We are taking the bubblewrapping away and letting you take on this event knowing that you will need motivation and tenacity to get to the finish line.

2018 will be the eigth year that we have run  this event, those who rode in 2016 will remember the weather. In 2016  we were unable to safely manage the  river crossing a Luibelt and the race format was changed to an out and back, we are delighted that in 2017 the  route was managable in its entirity, although for many the river crossing was memorable.

For those of you thinking of entering the event for the first time you should read this blog we think it captures the  enormity of the day!





Friday 21st September  6-9pm at a venue to be confirmed.  

NB There is no official registration on the morning of the event, however, if you are unable to make it on the Friday evening, please contact us to let us know and we will have your race number and timing chip ready on Saturday morning.  We would like to have everyone ready and good to go by 9.30am for a prompt 10am start.  We will be at the start on Fort William High Street from 8am.**

At the registration you will receive:

• Race briefing, safety information and the latest course changes / information. This will include the special stage information.

• Your personal race number plate and zip ties to attach your number to your bike. The number must be attached securely to the front of your bike for the entire event. Do not alter or cut the number plate in any way.

• Timing chip – timing chips MUST be returned after the race.  Please don’t forget as that little piece of plastic is very expensive to replace -there will be a £20 charge if the timing chip is not returned


This event takes place in one of the most scenic areas of Scotland and Fort William will hopefully provide you with everything and more that you will need for your stay. For accom information you could try www.outdoorcapital.co.uk


On Saturday morning, in the first instance please leave your car at your hotel/accommodation if possible (A few more kilometres won’t hurt, at least not in the morning!)  Or if you have to drive, please park at one of the various car parks in town - The car park at Lochaber High School is the biggest free parking area and is close to the finish area. Showers will be available at the school after the race.


Fort William is located on the A82 approximately 100 miles north of Glasgow.

From the South

As you enter Fort William from the South, the West End car park is left off the first roundabout.  

From the North

Continue on the A82 and along the town bypass to the West End roundabout.  

Medical Provision

Medical Provision will be provided out on the course by  Muddy Medics .

There will also be a few safety knights on shining motorbikes.


Click Here for course details

Who's Coming

This is a list of entries for this event. If you think you should be here and you are not then let us know.


1)  GB-SCT   Velodees  -  Sarah Hughes
2)  GB-SCT   Rachel  -  Rachel Henderson
3)  IE   Zulu  -  Helen Cassidy
4)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club  -  Jean  Mclennan
5)  GB-SCT   Cowal Mountain Bike Club  -  Sara Cairns
6)  GB   RideOut  -  Anna riddell
7)  GB-SCT   GOREWear  -  Catriona Sutherland
8)  GB-SCT   Two Pork Pies and a Twirl  -  Ny Leonard
9)  GB-SCT   Valley Girls  -  Caroline Souter
10)  GB   Endurancelife  -  Natalie Taylor
11)  GB-SCT   Auchencrow Thistle  -  Jane Holmes
12)  GB   Mikes Bikes Aviemore  -  Sally Devlin
13)  GB-SCT   Valley Girls  -  Hayley Hunter
14)  GB-SCT   ABC  -  Jane Luckhurst
15)  GB-SCT   Rock and Road  -  Katherine  Simpson
16)  GB-SCT   GEOCAT Racing Team  -  Catriona Maitland
17)  GB-SCT   Stirling Bike Club  -  Dieter Visser
18)  GB   Shaven badger  -  Dan Pidge
19)  GB-ENG   North East Misfits  -  David Blacklock
20)  GB-ENG   North East Misfits  -  Michael Sangster
21)  GB   North East Misfits  -  Stuart Fraser
22)  GB-SCT   Tim Green  -  Tim Green
23)  GB-SCT   Too pecht tae pedal  -  Andrew Duthie
24)  GB-SCT   Too pecht tae pedal  -  Iain Anderson
25)  GB-SCT   john dixon  -  john dixon
26)  GB-SCT   Team Talbert  -  Duncan Talbert
27)  GB-SCT   Team Talbert  -  Iain Park
28)  GB-SCT   The Pye Man  -  Duncan Pye
29)  GB-SCT   Mike's Bikes Aviemore   -  Murray Watson
30)  GB-WLS   Team I Want To Rock  -  Simon Sewell
31)  GB-WLS   Team I Want To Rock  -  Simon Sewell
32)  BE   Tojo  -  Tom Meulemans
33)  BE   Tojo  -  Joris Jacobs
34)  GB-SCT   Peaking like a Chinese Duck  -  Steven Wallace
35)  GB   The Indian Fire Trail  -  San Kapil
36)  GB-SCT   Robbies rockets   -  Pete Marshall
37)  GB-SCT   Mo  -  maurice mckeown
38)  GB   David Marshal  -  David Marshal
39)  GB-SCT   Radish  -  colin shorthouse
40)  GB-SCT   Gregor MacNaughton  -  Gregor MacNaughton
41)  GB   Paul Chappells  -  Paul Chappells
42)  GB-SCT   Icycles  -  lewis cowe
43)  GB   3B's  -  Iain Morrison
44)  IE   🍀🇮🇪Green Machine  -  Garry O Connor
45)  GB   Gnarly Varley And Friends  -  Callum Pearson
46)  GB   Gnarly Varley And Friends  -  Edward Rollason
47)  GB-SCT   Team Ginge   -  Simon Bruce
48)  GB-SCT   Team Cunny Funt  -  Kevin O Neill
49)  GB   Team Zulu  -  Dustin Leeb
50)  GB-WLS   Give me the Beer!  -  Jonathan Aston
51)  IE   Zulu  -  Matthew Myers
52)  GB   team face plant  -  David Sandercock
53)  GB   Zulu  -  Daniel Leeb
54)  GB   Richard Hearn  -  Richard Hearn
55)  GB   Ben Wyvis  -  Steve Brown
56)  GB   Zulu   -  derek evans
57)  GB-NIR   Zulu  -  Adam Mellor
58)  IE   S.B.A.  -  James McNeilly
59)  IE   Zulu  -  Stephen Cassidy
60)  GB-ENG   Miles for smiles  -  Andrew Westwell
61)  GB-ENG   Richard Wood  -  Richard Wood
62)  GB   WanabieRacer  -  David Brown
63)  GB-ENG   Paceline Cycles  -  Ben Howe
64)  GB   Thomas the Tank Engine Factory Pro Race Team  -  Dan Jones
65)  GB-ENG   Whitworth CC  -  Alan Lord
66)  GB   Whitworth CC  -  Chris Lord
67)  GB-ENG   Whitworth C.C  -  Richard Bingham
68)  GB-SCT   Rocan  -  Alan Nicholson
69)  GB-SCT   Chris Campbell   -  Chris Campbell
70)  ES   FullGasEnriqueCastillo  -  Enrique Castillo
71)  GB-ENG   Ace Components   -  John Calvert
72)  GB-SCT   Velo Club Moulin  -  Graeme Warren
73)  GB   N/A  -  Stephen Vacher
74)  GB-SCT   Takachaomaclitmin  -  Stuart Murray
75)  GB-SCT   Helga's Hitmen  -  Rob Oberholzer
76)  GB-ENG   HELGA'S HITMEN  -  Mike Croning
77)  GB   -  -  Dan Gibson
78)  GB-WLS   Spicy Bikers  -  Tom Jenkins
79)  GB-SCT   Granny Gear Fear  -  Alan Maclennan
80)  GB-SCT   Too Fat To Finish  -  Barry  Hughes
81)  GB-SCT   Too Fat To Finish  -  Colin Marshall
82)  GB-SCT   Granny Gear Fear  -  Tim Hurst
83)  GB-SCT   Team SRRD  -  Russell Nelson
84)  GB-SCT   Team SRRD  -  Ryan  Chapman
85)  GB-SCT   Team RSSD  -  Shaun McKenna
86)  GB-SCT   Team RSSD  -  David Baxter
87)  GB-SCT   NEEPHEID  -  Graeme Burnett
88)  GB-SCT   Colin Maclean  -  Colin Maclean
89)  GB-WLS   Bunga Bunga  -  Silvio Berlusconi
90)  GB-SCT   Hudatyabam  -  Tommy McIvor
91)  GB-SCT   Ginger_Winger   -  Ewan Paterson
92)  GB-SCT   Stewart  -  Steven Stewart
93)  DK   Oyne Bikerzz  -  Poul Ipsen
94)  GB   Morenutzthanboltz  -  Andrew Richard
95)  GB-SCT   Going Solo  -  innes cameron
96)  GB-SCT   New Dad Syndrome  -  Nick McArdle
97)  GB   Oyne Bikerzz  -  Paul Davies
98)  GB-SCT   Thomas the Tank Engine Factory Pro Race Team  -  Neale Johnston
99)  GB-SCT   Team ODZ  -  Martin AaWalker
100)  GB-SCT   Loch Broom Wagon Racing   -  Dan Holland
101)  GB   Taxi for Niall  -  Tim Colebrooke
102)  GB-SCT   Taxi for Niall  -  Alex Vaughan
103)  GB-SCT   Robbies Rockets  -  JAMES MCGREGOR
104)  GB-SCT   Team Rodda Racing  -  Mike Rodda
105)  GB-SCT   Brian Barton  -  Brian Barton
106)  GB-SCT   Clan Morrison  -  Keith Morrison
107)  GB-SCT   AyrshireMTB  -  Andrew Dodds
108)  GB-SCT   Chris DiRollo  -  Chris DiRollo
109)  GB-SCT   Niall’s Taxis  -  Niall Pairman
110)  GB-SCT   Go Hard or Go Home  -  Richard Forbes
111)  GB-SCT   N/a  -  Stewart  Dingwall
112)  GB-SCT   Huff Puff  -  Xander Donald
113)  GB   Oyne Bikerzz  -  Dan Ozanne
114)  GB-SCT   59 Degrees North  -  Graham Bichan
115)  GB-WLS   Grease Monkey Cycles  -  Matthew Watson
116)  GB-SCT   Ae Bike Shop  -  Neil Copeland
117)  GB   -  -  Josh Varty
118)  GB-SCT   WL Clarion/Herbie's Bikes  -  Roddy Weir
119)  GB-ENG   Spicy Bikers  -  Michael Aldridge
120)  GB-SCT   stevie  -  Steven Ruffell
121)  GB-SCT   Tanuki  -  Bob MacGregor
122)  GB-SCT   Ae Bike Shop.   -  Andrew Young
123)  GB   Greedy Wiggins  -  Mark Littlewood
124)  GB-SCT   iCycles  -  Mike Hancock
125)  GB-SCT   Yanman  -  Ryan Smeaton
126)  GB-SCT   Right place Wright time  -  Gregor Wright
127)  GB-SCT   lmmortal 3 pies  -  douglas  campbell
128)  GB-SCT   lmmortal 3 pies  -  Peter  Boyd
129)  GB-SCT   Immortal 3 pies  -  Graham campbell
130)  GB   Hoddom velo  -  Duncan Maycroft
131)  GB-ENG   Cumbrian Warriors  -  Chris Huntington
132)  GB-ENG   Cumbrian Warriors  -  Andrew McCredie
133)  GB-SCT   Maybe I Like The Misery   -  George Maitland
134)  GB-SCT   highland Fencer  -  Johnny  Maitland
135)  GB-SCT   Richard Greenwood  -  Richard Greenwood
136)  GB   GoNADs  -  Max Nicholson
137)  GB-SCT   Race Team Andrew Allan Architecture  -  Craig Black
138)  GB   Same as Usual  -  Nathan Hewitt
139)  GB-SCT   Team Andrew Allan Architecture  -  Brian Thomson
140)  GB   GoNADs  -  Crayston Renner
141)  GB-SCT   Ravenswood Racing  -  Colin Dugud
142)  GB-SCT   Ravenswood Racing  -  Stuart Wilson
143)  GB-SCT   Fake knees  -  Martin Cook
144)  GB   GoNAD  -  Isaac FISHWICK
145)  GB-SCT   Mad Cyril  -  Gregor Stewart
146)  GB-SCT   Swansacre Vet  -  Peter Hookham
147)  GB-SCT   Mutts-nutts  -  Alistair Macphail
148)  GB   Jamie Maxwell  -  Jamie Maxwell
149)  GB   GoNADs  -  Will Revell
150)  GB-WLS   scottoiler / alpine bikes trek store race team  -  Craig  Hudson
151)  GB-SCT   Uibhisteach   -  gerry wheeler
152)  GB   harneyorama  -  David Harney
153)  GB-SCT   BigBadBadura RaceTeam  -  Rob Badura
154)  GB-SCT   On me tod  -  Nick Stapleton
155)  GB   GoNADs  -  Duncan Boyter
156)  GB-WLS   David steel  -  David  Steel
157)  GB   Jig Johnson   -  Jig Johnson
158)  GB   Richard Mclean   -  Richard Mclean
159)  GB   Steven Richardson   -  Steven  Richardson
160)  GB-SCT   Team Caledonian  -  Jason Mitchell
161)  GB   N/A  -  Romesh Palamakumbura
162)  GB-SCT   There's No Rush!😂  -  Alan McKean
163)  GB-SCT   Team H  -  Hendry McNicol
164)  GB-SCT   Very rough very not ready   -  Alasdair  Hynd
165)  GB-SCT   Very rough very not ready   -  Steven Mitchell
166)  GB-SCT   ENDURANCE DOWNHILL  -  Mark Hyslop
167)  GB-SCT   Better Shed than Dead  -  David Thomson
168)  GB-SCT   Cycling Weakly  -  Peter Ferguson
169)  GB-SCT   Barcaldine bikers  -  Simon Robertson
170)  GB-SCT   Crushed Orange   -  Michael Lee
171)  GB-SCT   andy craig  -  andy craig
172)  GB   Saints Ciclista - St Andrews  -  Daniel Clarke
173)  GB   Nethy Phat boy   -  George Pritchard
174)  GB-SCT   Mikes Bikes Aviemore   -  Callum Morrison
175)  GB-SCT   SR Albannach  -  Tom Blankenstein
176)  GB-SCT   John Hall  -  John Hall
177)  GB-SCT   iPlod  -  Euain Drysdale
178)  GB   Gala CC - Torq/Exposure/Mt Zoom  -  Andrew Howett
179)  GB   Fire road 5  -  Mark Murray
180)  GB   GoNADs  -  Josh Murphy
181)  GB   No Idea  -  Tom Pearson
182)  GB-SCT   Twa Bog Lowpers (Minus Wan)  -  Archie Johnstone
183)  ZA   Biltong  -  Morne van Niekerk
184)  GB-SCT   TeeBee  -  Tom Barr
185)  GB-SCT   Chris Godlington. Nethy Phat Boys.  -  Chris Godlington
186)  GB-SCT   ABC  -  Mike Milne
187)  GB   Rock & Road  -  Tony Bancewicz
188)  GB-SCT   Rock and Road  -  Kenny Young
189)  GB-SCT   Spog  -  Laurence Phin
190)  CH   Lack Off RT  -  Neil Macpherson
191)  GB-SCT   Spog  -  Kenny Steele
192)  GB-SCT   Pedal Power RT  -  Gary  Ballantyne
193)  GB-SCT   Fireroad 5  -  Neil Macdonald
194)  GB-NIR   slow erc  -  alastair webb
195)  GB-SCT   Glencoe Tight Phuirts  -  Grant MacLean
196)  GB-WLS   1868racing/Antur stiniog  -  phil Roberts
197)  GB-SCT   Go Hard or Go Home  -  Iain Malcolm
198)  GB-SCT   Go hard or go home  -  Ross Girvan
199)  GB-SCT   Skye bike shack  -  Norman Macleod
200)  GB-SCT   The high plains drifter  -  Marty Ross
201)  GB-SCT   Russell White  -  Russell White
202)  GB-SCT   AK  -  Alex Kidd
203)  GB-SCT   Carrick Cycles  -  Ross Muir
204)  GB-SCT   Murthly Cycle Club  -  Guy Batchelor
205)  GB-SCT   skye   -  Robert Macaskill
206)  GB-SCT   Basecamp Bikes/Merida Bicycles U.K.  -  Kyle Beattie
207)  GB   Santa Cruz/Team JMC/Singletrack   -  Jason Miles
208)  GB-ENG   RosscoP  -  Ross Penver
209)  GB-SCT   ¡¡¡BTR!!! MMBC  -  Colin McRae
210)  GB-SCT   David MacDonald  -  David  MacDonald
211)  GB   Living the Dram!  -  Neil Wright
212)  GB-SCT   Moreorless  -  Dougie More
213)  GB-SCT   AH  -  Andrew Hutcheson
214)  GB-SCT   Are you Horseye type?  -  Daniel Muir
215)  GB-SCT   broken bad  -  John MacLeod
216)  GB-SCT   There's no rush till they say Go!  -  Nigel Pennington
217)  GB-SCT   Bosco  -  Ross Murray
218)  GB   Bump and Grind  -  George Foster
219)  GB-SCT   young4life  -  Jimmy Young
220)  GB-SCT   Team Caledonian  -  Bob Allan
221)  GB-SCT   Endura - Santa Cruz  -  Rab Wardell
222)  GB-SCT   the cooies   -  richard cowie
223)  GB-SCT   the cooies  -  gerard cowie
224)  GB-SCT   Marc Di Rollo  -  Marc Di Rollo

2 for the pice of three

225)  GB-ENG   i-cycles  -  Rachael McDougal
226)  GB-SCT   Chop  -  Graham Carter
227)  GB-SCT   .  -  Chris Hetherington
228)  GB-SCT   Coatbridge Clarion   -  Des Grant
229)  GB-SCT   Coatbridge Clarion   -  Dougie Muirhead
230)  GB-SCT   Coatbridge Clarion  -  Calum Muirhead
231)  GB-SCT   Coatbridge clarion   -  Alan Macintyre
232)  GB-WLS   Rob Gifford  -  Rob Gifford
233)  GB-SCT   I-cycles  -  Steven Deas
234)  GB-SCT   Crush Jackson  -  Ross Jackson
235)  GB-SCT   Straight out of Contin  -  Alec Dobbie
236)  GB-SCT   ¡¡BTR!!  -  Sean Dugan


Read carefully: Non compliance with any of the Race Rules will result in
disqualification of the competitor from this event.

1. Approved cycle helmets must be worn at all times.
2. Road rules apply at all times, on all private or public roads during this event.
3. Riders must not ride more than two abreast on any Highway
4. Riders must ride in single file if impending vehicle traffic behind you.
5. Competitors must keep as far left as possible at all times, on all roads and tracks to
ensure sufficient and safe passing.
6. Competitors must not deviate from the obvious track or attempt to take shortcuts.
Drafting is permitted.
7. Any competitor withdrawing from the race must inform a Race Marshal at the first
possible opportunity after the decision to withdraw is made.
8. Competitors must know how to fix basic mechanical breakdowns (chain break and
repair flat tyres).
9. You are not permitted to alter or cut the event number plate in any way.
10. Event officials reserve the right to remove any competitor if they consider they are not
capable of safely completing the event.
11. Please do not leave any rubbish along the route. All food wrappers drink bottles, tubes
etc must be carried to the finish line and not discarded anywhere along the route
except at the Aid Stations.
12. Anyone seen discarding rubbish will be disqualified and will not receive a time or
position as applicable (take memories or photos but leave tyre marks only).
13. Participants must avoid stock if possible and all gates must be left as they are found.
14. No outside assistance is allowed by support crews to any competitor and no supporters
will be allowed to follow riders on the course.
15. Competitors must read the pre race course briefing notes supplied at registration.
16. Competitors must obey instructions from Marshals at all times. They are there for
everyone’s safety and enjoyment.
17. You are not allowed to swap bikes. You must finish on the bike you start on, unless you
have had a major breakdown and use a rescue bike from the tail end charlie vehicle.
18. To receive a position you must complete the entire course under you own steam.
19. Teams are not permitted to use any sort of towing device except for towing a team
member that has damaged their bike to the point that it cannot be self propelled.
20. For Team category all team members must cross the finish line together for the team
to qualify as having completed the challenge and for merit prizes if applicable.
21. The last team member across the line will be recorded as the team time.
22. Compulsory gear as per the list below must be carried or will result in disqualification.
23. Entries are not transferable. We need to know who is on the course and what medical
conditions you may have so we can deliver the appropriate response in the event of an
Compulsory Gear
• Helmet
• 2 tubes or a puncture repair kit
• Tyre leavers
• Pump
• Multi tool
• Chain breaker (learn how to use it please)
• Poly prop / Thermal layer top and bottoms
• Serious waterproof jacket
• First Aid kit (gauze squares, tape, an elastic crepe bandage, sunscreen, anti-chaff
cream, insect repellent).
• Whistle in case you go over a bank, break a leg and no one can see you.
• Survival blanket in case you are there for some time whistling.
• At least one water bottle and sufficient food to meet your individual energy needs
for 5-10 hours of riding.
NOTE: Please comply with the gear requirements. We take your personal safety seriously and
do not want to inconvenience you with gear and bike checks to ensure you have complied
with the race rules. Help us to help you.
Recommended Gear - For cold weather
•Poly prop / Thermal beanie
•Full finger gloves
•Shoe covers

Personal Checks
To enjoy this event you need to be able to keep moving for about 5-10 hours. The fastest
time is expected to be around 4 Hours and up to 8 for those ones trying to get the most
value from their entry fee.
You don’t want to carry too much gear so consider carefully the clothing you need and your
food requirements.
The weather can change quickly from extremely hot to snowing in a matter of hours, so
study the weather forecasts and plan for the worst case scenario from that.
The water in the river crossings will also be drinkable

Food & Drink

Recommended for All Riders
Drink: There are numerous stream crossings that contain safe water.
Food: Please carry and consume enough to get you through the event.
Race Timings
Race start 10am.
For safety reasons we are unfortunately obliged to enforce a cut off times for this years event.
If you have not reached the top of the Mamore Descent by 1230 you will be short coursed along along the Landrover track to Mamore Lodge to continue with the event.

If you are not at the top of the Mamore Descent by 1330 you will told to return by the way you came.
If you haven’t reached the spean bridge end of the event by 1700 we will ask you to return with us in an event vehicle.
If you past these points before cut of time. We will wait for you to finish, so long as you are
making every effort to keep moving.

Route Markings / Hazards
There are numerous unmarked hazards on this course, as there should be with a wilderness
adventure of this nature. Potholes, rocks, stock, rutted tracks, steep descents, banks etc are
all part of what is required to be negotiated by the competitor.
Any hazards outside of those expected will be identified and marked accordingly to ensure
your safety. The Course Coordinator does not anticipate any such hazards requiring
The course will not be marked with directional arrows except at critical junctions. The tracks
do not lend themselves to taking the wrong path but where there is major deviation from the
track you are on, it will be marked accordingly.
Event Safety Information
When you are in this environment YOU are the person primarily responsible for your own
safety. We will try to limit the event infrastructure so that it will not be too noticeable during
this event so you can enjoy the course with minimal interference. Please do not drop litter.
You will be a long way from home so you need to ensure that you:
• Carry the compulsory gear as per the race rules
• Ensure you have a well maintained bike
• Have trained sufficiently to ride the distance and stay focused on the hazards and your
own needs for food and water.
• Ensure you complete, on the entry form, any specific medical condition you have that
may affect your well being and or treatment.
• If you come across an accident, you must stop and give all reasonable care that you
can, while sending someone forward (not back) to the nearest Marshal for help. The
• Marshal will call in the situation to the Event Safety Manager so that we can get expert
help on the scene as soon as possible.
• We will have first aid trained Marshals situated throughout the course, in the tail-end-
Charlie vehicle and at the finish line.

Cancellation / Refunds
Cancellation and course alteration
In case of event cancellation visit our web site. www.nofussevents.co.uk
The alternate event day is the Sunday following the official race day.
An alternate course may be put in place by the Course Director in case of extreme weather
and this will involve a to and from course. The entry fee is non refundable, in ceratin circumsatnces we will be happy to transfer the