Welcome to no Fuss Events

No Fuss exploded onto the adventure event scene in 2005. It’s probably closer to the truth to say that No Fuss events started in 2005 but it was in 2007 that the two founders Frazer Coupland and David ‘Spook’ Munro realised that No Fuss was the major part of their lives and made the decision to focus all their efforts upon it. 

With it’s unique mix of fun and challenge No Fuss life was good but the mission was (and still is) to not become complacent and that good is not good enough so we strive to improve customer experiences at every event. The ethos behind No Fuss Events is, yep you’ve guessed it “no fuss”.

Our objective is to create great events, great fun (you get penalties for taking things too seriously) and a relaxed atmosphere. Please do not interpret relaxed and fun as care free, quite the opposite, No Fuss present a professional event where competitor safety is paramount and goes hand in hand with enjoying the great outdoors. 

At No Fuss, it’s challenges that feed our creativity and encourage us on to achieve results that exceed expectations every time. We feel every day should be different, especially when it is our customer’s leisure time. We are passionate about the outdoors, highly experienced experts who deliver exceptional results. We live and breathe event design & production, bringing innovative events to life, events which are remembered by all who take part. 

For over 10 years we have been launching, positioning and elevating events and brands in the outdoors. We work across a range of experiences and adventure, endurance, fun, participation, glory and satisfaction.


Frazer Coupland

Born in Dumfries in 1964, Frazer moved to Fort William aged five. He attended school at Fort William Primary School and then at Lochaber High School. On leaving school he joined the Royal Navy for six years where he served as a marine engineering electrical mechanic.

After leaving the Navy in 1987 Frazer traveled and worked in various jobs including tree planting and ski instructing in Scotland, France and Switzerland. Summers were spent in Greece and Scotland teaching water sports and mountain biking.

After much nagging from parents to get a proper job Frazer studied at Robert Gordon University and qualified as a Social Worker.

Living in Fort William with his wife Aileen and their two children Keir and Drew, Frazer brings to No Fuss Events the drive to get on and be first to put into action the ideas. Currently Frazer works as a project manager at The Outdoor Capital of the UK.

David "Spook"Munro

Born in the Highlands in 1964, David was brought up in Lochaber and went to school in Roy Bridge and then to Lochaber High School. He then went on to further his studies at Inverness tech college before commencing fifteen years employment with Mountain Technology in Glencoe as part of the team that designed, developed and manufactured mountaineering equipment. Until recently he was employed by United Utilities waste water treatment in Fort William.
After too many years getting hurt playing shinty, Spook now prefers to concentrate on his cycling and running. Spook first started cycling in the late seventies and claims to have invented downhill racing along with others in Roy Bridge at this time. He has cycled in the French and Italian Alps and continues to be a contender in the local winter leagues for both cycling and running. He has completed nine Ben Nevis races, his best time being 1hr 50 minutes.

Married to Morag with two children Megan and Finn they live in Fort William and since the beginning of 2010 has been full time with No Fuss.


Spook and Frazer would  benefit from adult supervision after events are over