Welcome to no Fuss Events

After exploding onto the event scene in 2005. No Fuss events has been an innovator and a early adopter of all things mountain biking and outdoor sports.

No Fuss presents events in a way that they are a unique mix of fun and challenge. No Fuss life is a good life but No Fuss Events is a business a business with a clear mission.  Our business ethos is, yep you’ve guessed it “No Fuss”. We want you to be a part of the No Fuss lifestyle.

Our objective is to create great events, great opportunities to have great fun in a relaxed atmosphere with like minded people. Please be assured that we do not  interpret relaxed and fun as care free, quite the opposite, No Fuss Events always present professional events where participant safety is paramount.

We love the great outdoors and we hope that you will join us in sharing great experiences across multiple venues and a variety of discipline across Scotland. No matter if you are a seasoned campaigner or a terrified first timer at No Fuss we are committed to minimising Fuss and maximising great times doing the things you love.

At No Fuss, it’s challenges that feeds our creativity and encourage us on to achieve results that exceed expectations every time. We feel every day should be different, especially when it is your leisure time. We are so passionate about the outdoors, we are highly experienced experts who deliver exceptional results. We live and breathe event design & production, bringing innovative events to life, events which are remembered by all who take part. 

For 14 years we have been launching, positioning and elevating events and brands in the outdoors. We work across a range of experiences and adventure, endurance, fun, participation, glory and satisfaction.