Are you planning riding at  10 under the Ben 2017? We are currently running a pretty sweet offer where if you enter 10 Under before the 15th of December you  can get an entry to the Tour De Ben Nevis at 50% of the cost (£27.50). Just thought you would like to know that. Full details are here.

2016 Race Start

With a new date of the 29th of April for 10 Under the Ben and the Tour now being held  on the 7th of October we thought it an ideal chance to set some goals for 2017.  We have  been asked a few times about the date change,  in short other commitments, date clashes and midgies are all contributing factors to the  change for 2017. 2017 will be the 13th time that the No Fuss Events team will deliver 10 Under the Ben, and with numbers expected to be in the  high hundreds taking part over the weekend it’s fair to say that the event is as popular today as it was in year one.

Great Trails

Frazer Coupland partner at No Fuss Events said “It certainly one of the big days in our calendar, over the 13 years around 11000 riders have taken part in 10 Under the Ben, furthering the areas reputation as one of the best mountain bike destinations in Scotland.”

Apart from date changes the  race format hasn’t changed since day one, as many laps of the approximate 10-mile lap in 10 hours,  for 2017 participants can ride as solo, pairs,  or  quads. Spook Munro from No Fuss Events said “The biggest change that we have witnessed over the years is the number of riders choosing to ride in the solo or pair category, moving away from the bigger teams. ”

The ever improving trail network has given No Fuss  the opportunity to vary the route choices  for 2017 from previous years, the ongoing trail improvement and building work at Nevisrange certainly has been appreciated. In 2016  by all riders  comments included “Best year ever” “Great course” and some participants even reporting that they enjoyed the new climbs.

10 Under the Ben definitely brings out the best in people and it is the race with a big reputation when it comes to camaraderie, one racer said in 2016,  “I couldn’t believe how many of my fellow racers stopped to offer me assistance when I punctured on lap three. Its been an amazing day and it’s the best mountain bike endurance race in the UK”. The team at No Fuss agreed that they couldn’t argue with that and we hope that we will see you at 10 Under in 2017.

Tour de Ben Nevis, the mountain bike race that takes mountain biking back to the mountains. Once described as "The thinking mans (or woman’s) mountain bike race where all round fitness, strength, power, skill, determination is all bound together with a little bit of strategy and tactics." For further details  you can click here.

Rider heading out  for the 2016 race (the wettest race ever)

Entries to the 2017 Tour are now open here,  to take advantage of the package click here

Back to the mountains!

New also for 2017 is that you can pre book your event Ts and othe merchandise here.