Do you have what it takes?

Here at the Scottish Enduro Series #ukpremierenduroseries We are getting really excited about the 2018 season. It is a time of great excitement for enduro in Scotland. For some now is the time to dream, stage wins, title races and romantic notions of glory all of which lie in wait. Who will the next generation of Enduro stars be? Who will the media stars and influencers really be?

We believe that working in the organisational and media arena is no different and many of the emotions are undeniably shared. We are currently looking for individuals who are hoping that 2018 will be their year.

Through a variety of media channels we understand that we must must be “fan-centric.” We need to remain competitive, the Scottish Enduro Series must use technology and data to attract, retain, and engage consumers and brands. Content and distribution remain amongst the most important factors alongside a positive rider experience.

Having established the Scottish Enduro Series, it has shown us the true power and democracy that the social/fan can bring. If you have a good work ethic there’s an opportunity for you to build an audience with us. The Scottish Enduro Series lives in a world where the most impactful and captivating activations are the result of true partnership and collaboration, where the result is a co-creation of value between brand, participants and followers.

We believe that through investment in fan media means fan creators can take their hobbies and pursue their passions. These are places of engagement and trust that can be harnessed for a mutually great experience. There’s a powerful story to be told. Do you want to be a part of the team that tell their story and the story of the #ukpremierenduroseries?

We are now looking for individuals to work alongside our crack media team for 2018. The role will include co presentation of pre event and event media, communication across a variety of platforms. Applicants must be able to commit to all six race weekends, applications will be taken from both rider/participants and those more interested in media opportunities.

So what do we need?  We would like a 30 second to 1 min video on Vimeo or Youtube outlining why you could do the job. We would like a short proposal, outlining expectations and your potential as a Scottish Enduro Ambassador.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us! Please note applications close on January 12th 2018.